Fox Racing 360 Viza Pant and Jersey


360 Viza: $174.95 (jersey), $59.95 (pant)


The Fox Racing 360 line of racewear is the flagship set of gear that is currently worn by many factory motocross riders in the sport today. Fox designed the 2018 360 line of gear to be super flexible when the rider is in the attack position and using different types of fabric that wick away moisture better. The pants utilize TruMotion 4-way stretch fabric for a wide range of motion, while 600D polyester protects high abrasion areas. This strategic fabric placement delivers a combination of mobility and durability. Fox’s Rider Attack Position (RAP) construction is used for a precise fit, so it can put you in the best position to be comfortable. Finally, laser cut perforations and vents channel air through the pants for superior breathability. The 360 jersey also has a moisture wicking polyester fabric, a larger hole polyester mesh back panel for enhanced airflow, minimal athletic precision fit cuff and an athletic fit collar for increased comfort up near the neck. 


               No this isn't a Tinder profile pic. It's helmet head and a bad ass set of gear. 

               No this isn't a Tinder profile pic. It's helmet head and a bad ass set of gear. 

Immediately, when you see the Fox 360 Viza line it screams “Best Dressed” right? If you’re team “Lit Kit” you can stay and continue to read, but don’t get too comfortable. If loud isn’t your thing, other more traditional colorways our available in the 360 line with the same features as the Viza line. The pant fits well, goes over many types of knee braces and the waist is true to size. While the waist seems true to size I also noticed that the 360 pant still has more of an “athletic cut” feel below the waist (which I like). The pant is tighter around the thigh and knee area (again, which I prefer), but if you have bigger than average legs the pant might be on the snug side in those areas. However, don’t fret as the pant is stretchy enough to not cut off your circulation and moves with your lower extremities very well. Yes, even if you’re a size 38, just ask my test rider Kelly Gelhaus. You will just have to get used to the more revealing fit if you're old school. Trust me, I'm 40 years old and come from the baggy gear era and I am just fine with the snugger fit of the 360 pant! My knee braces never get caught up or snag on the inside of the pant and feels seamless against my body. Even though the pant is on the slimmer side moving around on the bike didn’t feel constricted while I rode. There were tons of flexibility at the knee and I noticed more give when I swung my leg over the bike in the groin area than other pants that I have tried lately. The life of the pant has been superb and although it has seen its fair share of crashes, has held up well. The leather knee panels are still soft and pliable and even the abuse of the recently "knee brace shootout" have not created that much wear. The pant comes in sizes 28 all the way up to 38. 


Slipping on the 360 Viza jersey gives you a minimalistic feel. Its lightweight and breathability gives you a cool feeling when the temperature rises. The cuffs elastic keeps them from restricting the forearms but are tight enough to not let the jersey slide up on you when you’re riding. Like the Fox 360 pant, the jersey is made for slimmer riders. If you have broad shoulders or carry a beer belly you might want to try a size larger than your traditional sizing. The tail of the jersey stays tucked inside the pant (sorry Jason Anderson), but I do wish the jersey had a little padding on the elbows for some protection from lighter type crashes. The Viza jersey comes in a range of sizes from small to XXL. 


For the price of the Fox 360 line of gear it is amongst some of the most comfortable and long lasting gear that I have tried to date. I am coming to prefer this 360 gear to the FlexAir, especially in the cooler months of testing that lie ahead of me. If you are looking for a pant with durability, flare, a slim feel without being restrictive the Fox 360 Viza gear is a top choice, especially when I go to the gear closet and decide on what to wear. Don't laugh! This actually happens, ask Mrs. Keefer. She thinks something is wrong with me. :)