Asterisk Zero G Knee Brace Pant

If you listen to the Pulp MX Show then you know how much I am in love with this product, but I wanted to give you an updated product review since my site is up and running now. Before the Asterisk Zero G came along I was always pulling my knee braces up during a long test day and I was tired of it. Not only did my knee brace slip, but more often than not they would dig into my knee and gouge the crap out of them. No matter what knee brace I had (and I have tried a lot), they slipped during the course of the day. The Asterisk Zero G pant is a base layer compression pant that encompasses the knee brace to help keep the brace in place against your leg. The extra long length of the pant can fold back up and over the brace, traps the brace and a Velcro enclosure (located at thigh area) holds it all together. So simple! Why didn't I think of this?! Not only does it keep your braces in place, but you also can tuck any excess laces you have inside the pant (if you are old school like me and use lace up knee braces). If you're a new school kid and have Velcro straps on your braces, those will not get caught on the liner of your pant either. The Zero G pant is designed to make it simpler for all of us to slide the pant over the knee brace, as well as allowing the brace to move with your legs without restraint on the bike. For durability the Zero G pant features a Cordura Built-in Gear Guard (to protect the riding pant from the knee brace hinges) and it also has Anti-Rotation Tether Slots for riders that tether their knee brace to the boot. If you are not running Asterisk knee braces, it doesn't matter, because the Zero G pant will work with any knee brace that you are currently using. 

Is it hot where you live right now? Trust me I get it, as it is 104 degrees outside here as well. The last thing I want is to get swamp ass on a long hot testing day wearing extra layers, but the pant actually doesn't make my lower extremities any hotter. When I put these suckers on for the first time I thought I would be too hot to wear the Asterisk Zero G in the summer time, but it didn't make me any warmer when I rode. In fact when I started to perspire, I noticed my legs felt slightly cooler. If I wear just regular old long socks/knee socks my legs are full of sweat when I remove them, but not with the Zero G’s. Riding on the track felt normal with the pant on and doesn't constrict any of my long leg movements. My knee braces do not slip AT ALL during the day and the braces I am wearing do not dig into my knee because they don't slide down. Hallelujah! Most knee braces come with some type of Velcro closure system and you can find yourself taking the pants off and having to readjust them in the middle of the day, but if you have these Zero G pants, that doesn't happen. Boom! I do wear short Moto socks however with the Zero G pant, so I’m not tripling up on the layers below your knee. On the older style Zero G’s, I had some of the Cordura pieces and their stitching (inside the pant) tear away. On the new updated Zero G pants, the Cordura/Velcro parts have stayed in place and haven’t torn away. Asterisk beefed up those parts and created a more durable pant. I have several months on the updated versions and they have been great so far. 

If you’re tired of your knee brace sliding down, getting hung up on your riding pants and having to adjust them several times a day, do yourself a favor and pay the $89.00 for the Asterisk Zero G pant. It’s one of my top 5 things that I must have when I ride, and I am pretty picky. Just ask my wife, I give her a headache all the time! You can order your Zero G pant directly at

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