Blur Optics B-50 Goggle Product Review


I’m always excited to try new products when it comes to testing, especially when it’s a product that some people laugh at or may write off before even trying it. When I first heard I’d be testing a goggle that had a magnetic lens I too had some questions, but after several rides I have the answers to your questions that you may be asking to yourself. The B-50 is Blur’s highest price point goggle with an MSRP of $89.99, which admittedly seems like a lot since Blur has been more known for selling a lower price point, budget goggle. However, don’t judge a book by its cover; the B-50 has become my go to goggle in my assortment of goggle choices. 

Tiny yet powerful magnets hold the lens in place. Yes, it's strong. 

Tiny yet powerful magnets hold the lens in place. Yes, it's strong. 

Starting with the frame, the B-50 gives you a fairly large field of vision since it doesn’t need to have a tall frame for the lens to sit in. The vents on the top and bottom of the goggle breathe very well, and even though I had some no fog cloth on hand, it never caused any fogging issues, even on colder days, doing longer moto’s or trail rides. The foam fit my normal sized nose nicely, sealed to my face well, and fit great inside of 6-D helmet that I wear most of the time. We did also fit the goggle inside of a Shoei VFX-EVO, Arai VX-Pro4, Fox V4, Bell Moto 9 and Suomy with no fitment issues. Admittedly I’m a bit of a sweater and when the goggles were new the foam didn’t absorb my heavy sweating very well. I had a few drips fall into my eyes at the beginning of the test, but for reasons unknown to me the more I rode with the goggles, the better the foam seemed to break in and soaked up my perspiration adequately. One of the many upsides of the B-50 is since the lens pulls right off, I was able to wash my goggles with the rest of my gear, and re-use the same lens after washing without much fuss. The adjustable strap is nothing fancy, but does the job well and always stays in place with the silicone grippers. 


Let’s get to the part that everyone wants to know, does the lens fall out easily? No, I never had a lens come off unintentionally. I’ve had some small crashes (not head bangers), been roosted by Keefer lap after lap (when he’s lapping me), and taken many bushes to the goggles and have yet to have any issues. As far as I’m concerned, if you have a lens pop off, you have other issues……like how you’re getting back to the truck or how much your hospital bill is going to be. Not your goggle lens. Does it seal to the frame? Yes, the magnets are very strong, and the lip of the frame has not let anymore dust into the goggle than any other goggle on the market that I have tested. Does the lens rip off when you pull a tear-off? No, I’ve gone through traditional tear-offs as well as the laminated packs, and the lens never budged. Since the lens is so large, they all come with a mud flap at the top (that is out of the viewing area), to put the tear offs under so nothing gets between your tear-offs and lens. One downside is Blur does not offer a roll-off style system yet, so all you east coast mud-boggers may want to take that into consideration before making the purchase. 


Not shocking, the lenses are hands down easier to change than any other goggle on the market, it really is that simple, just pull on the tab, and they come off from the bottom right corner. Being that they are so easy to change the B-50 makes the need to have 3 sets of goggles (one with each style lens) null and void. For example, you're going on a long trail ride and start the day off with a smoke or tinted lens and then the sun start dipping behind the mountains. Most of us off-road guys have been there right? Instead of having to take your goggles off (in order to see) to get back to the truck simply take an extra clear lens with you (in your fanny pack) and pop it in! Boom! Clear vision and goggles on all the way back to the pits! Lenses are obviously more expensive than standard lenses at $29.99 each, but unlike other high end goggle manufacturers, whose lens prices vary from $25.00 for clear, to $95.00 for special lenses, the B-50 lenses are all the same price. So if you have to be the “cool” guy and have the name brand popular goggles that’s fine. However if you’re open minded and want to try a really cool, innovative product, I highly recommend you give the Blur B-50 goggles a try. From easy lens changes to an easily washable frame, Blur seems to be trying to add more of a high end google to their line up and to me it’s not only a great idea, but a great goggle to wear as well. You can go to to check out the complete line up that they have to offer. -Michael Allen  


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