2019 Fox FlexAir Pant And Jersey

Fox has been a staple in the motocross world for as long as I can remember. Being a little seven year old high desert kid I can still remember seeing my heroes wearing Fox Racing gear. I used to ride around my house, on my YZinger, with my trusty Pawtector’s on pretending I was racing the Coors Light Supercross Challenge at Anaheim Stadium. Fast forward 35 years and Fox is bigger than just motocross, but have stayed true to their motocross heritage. The FlexAir is Fox’s high performance, race driven set of gear that you see top riders like Ken Roczen, Ryan Dungey, and Austin Forkner wear every weekend. I have reviewed the FlexAir set a couple years ago, but I wanted to re-visit the new updated version to see how it performs on my body and track. 


The FlexAir pant utilizes Fox’s RAP (Rider Attack Position) construction for a precise fit on the bike, a rigid waist system to firmly hold the pant in place, a four- way stretch TruMotion main body fabric that is said to provide increased mobility on the machine, laser perforation in key areas for enhanced airflow, a dyed main body fabric with premium heat transfer logo treatments, the elimination of internal liner is said to reduce weight and heat, slim knee construction provides a sleek performance fit over braces or guards, a double layer knee system for durability against knee braces and guards, critically taped seams to help reduce chaffing, and there are hip pads that are available, but sold separately. 


The FlexAir jersey incorporates a lightweight construction for complete freedom of movement, new for 2019 is an athletic fit sleeve with laser perforation for enhanced airflow, a TruDri fabric provides a soft, lightweight fit as well as moisture wicking, a dyed main body fabric with premium heat transfer logo treatments, a bonded collar to reduce chaffing, and lastly a bonded stretch cuff provides a slim athletic fit.


Now that some of the details are out of the way, here are a few things that I wanted to share with you all about the Fox FlexAir set of gear: 

The Flex Air pant is an athletic style pant that fits tight/snug over my knee brace/knee area, but remains super stretchy. I am able to move around on the bike freely and less restricted than other non athletic type pants. The word “snug” doesn’t have to mean “restrictive” or “uncomfortable”. Having a snug fit against your body can help make you feel streamlined while riding. Think of bicycle racers and their skin suits they wear for time trials. They wear tighter fitting clothes to cut through the air when tucked into their attack position. Motocross is not that much different, except we are flying through the air and going much faster speeds. No media testing outlet ever really talks about this, but when going back and forth between athletic and non-athletic cut gear you can feel a difference in drag (especially at speed). The updated closure system is like having a half belt around your waist with Fox’s two-piece design. When you cinch down on the buckle it feels like the waist area is firmly secure all the way around your waist, not just the front area. When I move around on the bike with the older style FlexAir pant, at times, the pant slipped down and this led to my jersey untucking as well as having to deal with unwanted pant slippage. However, with this closure system my jersey stayed tucked in and the FlexAir pant stayed around my waist where it belonged. The taped seams inside the pant are great and I wish every manufacturer would do this because you never have get snags when pulling the pants up. Not only do taped seams help when putting the pant on, it helps when moving around on the bike and keeps the pant lightweight feeling. Fox’s “RAP” system really does work and is not just a gimmick. The FlexAir pant bends with my natural motion on the bike and doesn’t bunch up near the leather of the knee area when I am seated on the machine. Not to mention that the leather knee is extremely durable for a minimalistic type pant. I have endured a few weeks of durability testing with the FlexAir pant and it has held up well against my CTi knee braces. The FlexAir fit is true to size and has a little extra room with how stretchy the pant is in the waist. So if you're a size 33, a 32 will work just fine. I usually wear either an Asterisk ZeroG pant or Leatt knee brace pant and the fit isn’t too snug around the waist. 


The FlexAir jersey has one big change to it and that is with the sleeve/arm portion of the jersey! If you are looking for ventilation look no further than this jersey right here! it is THE BEST on the market (besides the Shift Blue Label jersey) with ventilation and a lightweight feel. No other jersey compares to it! The FlexAir jersey felt like it had an overall shorter cut length arm when on the bike, which I approved of, but if you're a taller rider (6’2 and up) you may notice a shorter overall sleeve length than normal. The perforated sleeves ventilate insanely well, but when sweating, it does turn the material on the sleeve kind of crusty once your sweat dries. The feeling isn't a harsh or course feel to the skin, but it does change once you have started to sweat. The FlexAir jersey is athletic cut, but not skin tight like other performance-based jerseys. Hey all you bigger dudes out there!!!! If you're a little overweight and have a belly, don't fret, the FlexAir jersey will not show ALL of your curves in your stomach. I have a couple fat rolls and it’s not even noticeable, so don’t stress! The updated cuff also doesn't get stretched out like the old FlexAir jersey over time and although it is somewhat tight when sliding over your hand, it’s very comfortable when riding (and isn't restrictive). The FlexAir jersey feels so light, it’s almost like wearing nothing, so be forewarned of roost if you’re a non-chest protector kind of guy. It’s super thin! Most underprotector’s work well with the FlexAir jersey because it is so stretchy. I had zero problems with movement on the machine with an underprotector on. Durability of the jersey is superb, but DO NOT go woods riding with this jersey and expect it to last. Tree branches will rip this jersey! This is a motocross only type of material.

The cost of the 2019 FlexAir pant is $229.95 and $99.95 for the jersey. This is a steep price, but you're getting what you pay for with the Fox FlexAir stuff. It has proved to be durable for a minimalistic type of gear and Fox offers a wide variety of colorways to keep anyone happy. If you’re looking for ventilation along with mobility on the bike, this set of gear is hard to beat. You can check out the complete line of Fox products over at foxracing.com.

If you have any questions about this test please feel free to email me at kris@keeferinctesting.com