100% Cognito Glove Product Review


Now that the weather in So Cal is finally starting to cool down I’m now able to enjoy more trail riding time. When I go trail riding I’m almost always a handguard guy, but there are times when I’m at introductions for new bikes that don’t come with handguards (I.E. the 2019 Honda 450X). Most of the riding gear I get is moto based, which is fine when it comes to the pant/jersey, but most moto gloves don’t stand up very well to bushes and other trail riding  shrubbery/roost. This is where 100% comes in; they have multiple glove lines that you can wear depending on what type of riding you’re doing. The first pair I got to test are named the Cognito and they offer more protection than your typical moto glove. The four-way stretch material on top of the glove is very rugged, doesn’t snag on bushes, and is much more resistant to punctures. The top of the glove (on the knuckles) uses D3O® material for additional impact resistance. Admittedly when I saw the gloves for the first time I thought the knuckles looked slightly bulky (like street bike gloves) and would hinder movement, but I was wrong. The first couple times I wore the Cognito gloves the knuckle area was a little stiff but once I wore them a few times I didn’t even notice a hindrance from the added protection. The D3O® material absorbs impacts while keeping its ability to be flexible and well ventilated. This is not only handy for trail riding; I also found it helpful when getting roosted while riding moto. The wrist strap seals well, but in my opinion is a little too thick and bunches, which is slightly un-comfortable when your wrist is at its maximum range of motion (full throttle). 


When compared to moto gloves the Cognito’s are slightly thicker, but still ventilate well because the sides of the fingers are perforated. The Cognito glove isn't for your cold weather riding conditions. The Cognito glove also uses Tech Thread which is supposed to give you the ability to still use your smart phone with the gloves on. While the Tech Threads work for tapping icons on a smart phone, I found it difficult to swipe my finger on the screen and have the phone recognize it. Over the last month of riding these gloves have held up well and shown minimal signs of wear. There are five colorways available, which is nice because you should be able to find something that will go with your gear set. With a price tag of $39.50 they aren’t the cheapest glove out there, but in my opinion, for the protection and features, the price meets the gloves quality. If you have any questions about the Cognito glove feel free to reach out to me at Michael@Keeferinctesting.com. -Michael Allen