100% iTrack Gloves Product Review

What? 100% makes gloves? Yes, that’s right, not only do they make goggles, but 100% has been in the glove game for a while now as well. I am a big stickler when it comes to gloves, almost borderline a pain in the ass, so I needed to see if these iTrack gloves from 100% was worth my time. The 100% iTrack gloves feature a stylish embossed slip-on cuff application for ease and comfort, a seamless mesh top hand that is said to improve fit over knuckles and increases airflow, mesh finger gussets are placed to enhance mobility and wick away moisture, a thumb overlay aids in reducing blisters (AKA Yamathumb), a perforated single-layer Clarino palm aids in comfort while reducing bunching, silicone printed palm/finger graphics are placed accordingly to try and improve palm and lever traction, and finally an integrated tech-thread keeps you connected with your devices so you can “like”, “swipe right”, “facebook", “snapchat”, “tweet”, or take a “selfie” on the track or trail.


I am a big fan of slip on style gloves and prefer them over having a velcro cuff closure system. Once I put the iTrack gloves on I noticed they were a little tighter in the palm area than I would have liked, but stretched out enough within the first ride. I am normally a size large in gloves and once the iTrack’s were broken in they felt like a large. However, when new they feel like a medium, so be forewarned it will take some break in. The materials that 100% uses are extremely comfortable, breathable, and soft to the skin, yet provided me with enough padding in my palm to shun away blisters from a long day of testing. This is a minimalistic glove so just know that there is zero knuckle protection from roost or rocks, but in this case (with gloves) comfort outweighs protection for me. (We will be testing another set of 100% gloves that does in fact have knuckle protection, in the coming weeks). 


I did notice that the neoprene cuff was a little shallow as it barely covered up the end of my palms/start of my wrists. The cuff never slid down or allowed dirt inside my palms, but the feeling of it being shallow was more annoying to me than anything. The durability of the glove is something that I will have to praise. I beat the shit out of the iTrack’s and usually I rip the seams near the thumb area almost constantly with other lightweight gloves, but the iTrack has held up and proved to be a very durable minimalistic glove. Very rarely do you get a thin glove that doesn't come busting open at the seams, so this was nice to finally see. I have spent over one month with these gloves and have yet to find a failure in the sewing. (Just know that one month of my riding is equal to around 4-6 months of normal blue collar dirt bike riding). This to me is almost as important as the comfort of the glove. I hate it when I am at the track, in the middle of the day, only to find out my glove is split wide open near the thumb area. I did manage to try out the integrated tech-thread and in fact it does allow you to text and send with zero issues. I didn't swipe right, but I did manage to text the wife that I wasn't coming home, to do the honey do’s, because I was still riding. 


For $29.50 the iTrack is a good buy, but just make sure you know that they do fit a little tighter (in the palm area) than some other lightweight gloves on the market. Just like boots, some gloves need break in time and these iTrack’s definitely need that “break in” period. 


Bonus Tip: Because I know I am going to get a crap ton of emails asking me “ Yeah Keefer, but can I wear these gloves with any gear set”? My answer is “yes, you can”! Why? Because 100% only makes gloves and goggles and it’s still within the gear laws (if you abide by them) to wear 100% gloves with any gear company. If 100% starts to make gear than you must wear 100% gloves with 100% gear only. Until then have a ball and buy some 100% gloves to go with your Thor gear