Thor MX Prime Fit Pant And Jersey

When it comes to gear I am a complete madman! I am so finicky that it's sometimes hard to please my picky ass! The growing trend in today’s motocross world is athletic cut fitting motocross gear. I for one am a big fan of this type of gear, but I am also 6’0 and 170 pounds. As my wife would say I am all D&R! Bigger dudes come up to me and say “there’s no way I can wear that stuff because I am too large of a guy”. In some cases, yes, if you're 260 pounds, maybe the compression/athletic cut isn't for you, but that is why Thor makes other lines/sets of gear to choose from. If you’re a size 38/XXL I am telling you right now there is nothing wrong with getting some athletic cut gear. There is no shame in being comfortable and this gear is just that. Comfy! Thor’s Prime Fit is in my top three favorite sets of gear to wear in 2018, so let me break down why I like this stuff so much. 



Thor’s Prime Fit pant and jersey is an evolving concept that is built around a very lightweight, breathable athletic inspired chassis that allows for complete movement on the bike. Thor's Prime Fit jersey utilizes compression technology (in the sleeves) and moisture wicking away fabric to try and give the rider the lightest and most breathable jersey possible. The Prime Fit pant is made up of spandex and polyester, along with a generous amount of leather in the knee for grip. These combinations of fabric almost make you look down to check and see if you are wearing any pants at all. It's that light!


Thor’s Prime Fit Pant is true to size and once you put the pants on it almost feels like you’re not wearing anything at all. The knee area of the Prime Fit pant is very generous and accepts all types of knee braces and does not restrict movement whatsoever. I also like that the leather of the knee is very durable on the Prime Fit and withstands the abuse of knee brace hinges. The ratchet style front closure system and velcro adjustments make the pant snug enough so the yolk/rear of the pant doesn't slip down under acceleration. The pant conforms to your legs and stretches, yet doesn't feel like an “athletic cut” when moving around on the bike. The looks of the Prime Fit pant are more athletic than what it feels like when riding. Ventilation is superb and provides enough airflow for even the hottest of days. For how light and thin these pants are they have withstand some heavy abuse. Just note that this material doesn't like tree branches and will rip if you're an off-road guy. This is a more motocross style built pant. If you have a ribbed seat cover, that is fairly aggressive, the Prime Fit pant will wear out sooner (than other sets of pants) in the butt area. 



Thor’s Prime Fit Jersey feels and looks like an athletic cut jersey. It is tight around the whole upper part of your body, but not restrictive. The Free Flex four way stretch sleeves allow plenty of unrestricted movement and hugs your upper torso nicely. You will have to get used to the tighter compression feel on the sleeves when you ride however. This isn't a big issue, but if you're coming off of a standard cut jersey it can take a moto or three to get used to the feel. When it comes to ventilation the closer fit noticeably helps cooling, while the moisture wicking fabrics, ventilated mesh panels under the arms and on the back assist in this area as well. The combination of the close fit plus moisture wicking, ventilated materials make this jersey a complimentary piece to go with the Prime Fit pants. The jersey is true to size, but again it might take you a moto or so to get it stretched out enough to where you are comfortable. A new Prime Fit jersey can take a bit to “break in” much like a pair of boots. I love that the collar is soft, doesn't ride too high up on the neck, yet keeps dirt from going in between you and the fabric. The Prime Fit jersey stays tucked into the pants, so if you are a “no tucks given” kind rider look elsewhere or un-tuck the jersey yourself.  



The overall fit and looks of the Thor Prime Fit pant and jersey is some of the best stuff I have seen from a gear company in 2018. I am a fan of the performance and looks of this gear and I like that it can win a “Best Dressed” award on any given day. Not to mention the simple, clean colorways that Thor offers in this line of gear. The Prime Fit pant is $119.95, comes in sizes 28-38, the jersey is $59.95 and comes in sizes S-XXL. They have eight different colorways to choose from and I approve seven of those eight.  You can check out the complete line at



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