Stance Long Moto Socks

No, the Stance moto socks aren't going to change your life like some may claim, but they are pretty damn comfortable for moto socks. Your motocross or off-road socks usually are the one piece of your rider ensemble you don’t really think too much about, when throwing gear into your gear bag. With the evolution of knee braces, however, socks have evolved somewhat right? Remember the thick ass neon socks of the 90's? Yes, I use to wear those and would never wish that upon anyone ever in my life. Stance is a company strictly devoted to your feet and they are a very moto oriented company, so the stuff they offer has some moto "thought" behind it.



Stance offers short and long moto socks, but since it is starting to get hot and I wear knee braces, I wanted the long Stance motocross socks to put on my stinky size 10 feet (instead of the short sock, Asterisk or Leatt knee brace combo). The Stance socks have mesh panels that go up your leg for breathability, arch support and a reinforced toe/heel cushioning to combat holes. I will admit that the Stance socks are some of the softest- feeling socks I have put on and feel very cushiony inside my boots. The long mesh leg panels provide decent sweat resistance and the Lycra band at the top of the leg grips your thigh area firm enough for a nonslip grip. I have worn a pair of these Stance socks for more than a couple months and the elastic has held up well, only if you DO NOT DRY THEM! If you dry these suckers the elastic will stretch/sack out and lose their elasticity. Then what will happen is you’ll be pulling these suckers up all day inside your riding pants. 



For $38.00 a pair for socks it’s something that will only attract some. I have tried on other brands of socks with almost the same comfort for almost half the price. However, I will give it up to Stance for being a very durable sock! The socks I have been wearing for over two months (riding 4-5 times per week) have zero holes in them, which is rare for me. They do lose a little of their soft new like feel after several washes, but are thin enough so my feet aren't sweating all to hell. Mrs. Keefer can attest to the smell that comes out of my gear bag after a long day... She even commented that these socks don’t stink or feel as wet as some other socks I take off after a full day of motos. Yes, my wife washes my socks! I know, right? That's why I married her! 



So if you aren't into the Asterisk or Leatt knee brace pants and need a longer sock for knee braces, you can head over to and check out all the moto socks they have to offer. I only can afford a couple pair at a time, but if you’re a picky sock person these could be up your alley.