Answer Racing Trinity Pant And Jersey Product Review



Yes, I know that we are in 2019 gear season, but sometimes there is a set of 2018 gear that goes underneath the radar. The Trinity line of gear from Answer Racing to me is one of the most underrated sets of gear there was in 2018. I like an athletic fit that is stretchy, ventilates well, is lightweight and that is exactly what the Trinity pant and jersey is. I wanted to get you all some on the bike details on a set of gear that may have gone underneath your 2018 gear radar as well. 




Some of the key features of the Trinity pant are:


– 320 denier multi-weave 4-way stretch nylon knee panels.

– Durable, 900 denier poly seat panel.

– Drum-dyed and de-bossed leather inner knee panels.

– Interwoven aramid inner leg heat barriers.

– Mesh lower leg panel allows for unobstructed air flow.

– Adjustable internal waist fitting system.

– Integrated knee and thigh TPR system with mesh-air flow panels.

– Laser cut ventilation panels.

– Strategically engineered stretch channels add support without limiting flexibility.

– Double and triple stitching throughout. 


When you put the Answer Trinity pants on you will notice the snug yet stretchy nature of the panels and that it contours to your legs nicely. The Trinity pant fits snugly over my knee brace/knee area, but still remains super stretchy for me to move around freely on the machine. The Trinity snap/button closure system is a nice touch and has been easy to get in an out of, but never has failed on me while riding. When I move around on the bike the Trinity pant’s rear yolk panel wasn't so stretchy that it pulled my pants down and let my jersey escape. The rear of the pant stayed in place and kept everything that I wanted, tucked in. I also really like how light weight this pant is when I ride, especially when it is baking-balls-hot here in the desert. The pant ventilates well enough where I can feel a slight breeze in key areas when I am putting in my long motos on the track. The best feature of this pant is how durable it is for a minimalistic design and how thin the material feels on your body. I have hit creosote trees, had violent roost hit me, took some diggers in this stuff and it has held up very well without tearing. The seams stay in tact and that leather inner knee panels are very resilient.   




It also should be noted that the Trinity fit is true to size and has a little extra room with how stretchy the pant is in the waist. So if you're a size 33, a 32 will work just fine. It is a little tight in the crotchial region however and will show your man goods off a little more than you would like. No you will not have to worry about your fat roll busting out of the pants so you're safe there! 


Some key features of the Trinity jersey are:


– Strategically located laser cut ventilation holes.

– Minimalistic, spandex stretch neck panel.

– Articulated panels in targeted flex zones.

– Lightweight, athletic fitting body form.

– Ergonomic shaped front panel minimizes bulk while in the riding position.

– Spandex stretch dart on sleeve opening provides a comfortable, tailored fit.

– Lightweight, welded cuff openings with Spandex darts to help maintain shape.

– Fade-resistant, sublimated panels and graphics.


If there is one thing that I am picky about in a jersey it is the arm length. I DO NOT like a long, baggy sleeve where it bunches up at the end, near my glove. That annoys the crap out of me and it creates for less airflow which gets you hot quicker when riding. I love the taped seams on the cuff because the taped seams keep their integrity and do not stretch out. The Trinity jersey also ventilates fairly well and is also more of an athletic cut fit, but not so tight where you see every little imperfection in your mid drift. The collar rides up a little high on your neck, but the material is soft enough that it doesn't annoy or chafe my skin. The Trinity jersey has a simple clean look and has the correct sizing. You will not ned to work about getting a larger sized jersey because it’s an athletic fit. It’s snug enough, but its stretch enough where you're comfortable on the machine! 


For $199.95 for the pant and $74.95 for the jersey it is right in that premium gear price range, but I like the fact that it’s durable and will not fall apart after a few rides. If you’re in the market for some athletic/performance fitting gear, the Answer Trinity pant and jersey is a viable option.