Rip Clear Moto Goggle Lens Protection Product Review



If you could pick out one annoying thing about getting your gear ready, what would it be? For me it’s changing goggle lenses; although some goggle brands (like Oakley and Scott) are easier to change than others, I still never look forward to installing a new lens. Well Rip Clear makes protective lenses for just about anything that needs clear vision, from Go Pro’s, goggles and even cell phone screen protectors, Rip Clear has something for everything. They reached out to Keefer Inc. Testing to see if we would be interested in trying some goggle lens protectors and since Keefer has watched me fumble with lenses multiple times he sent them my way. In the pack of lens protectors there are two universal fit goggle protectors, two wet wipes, one micro fiber cloth and two dust removal sheets along with step by step instructions. To be 100% honest, my first time installing a protector I messed it all up and had to junk one before figuring out the whole process and fitment. Seeing as these are universal fit, depending on the goggle, you may have to trim the sides to fit between the tear off posts on your lens (at least I did on the Scott Prospects). Once the protector was trimmed I made sure the lens was perfectly clean and carefully installed the “Rip Clear” following the instructions closely. 




One thing I noticed was that I had to be very careful making sure the edges were all the way down and to make sure the bubbles were out from under the protector before riding. If there are any bubbles or a lifted edge and you go out for a ride, it collects debris and makes the high spots noticeable in your field of view, which can be annoying for some riders. If everything is installed correctly you can ever so slightly see the edge of the protector but not enough to be bothersome. The reason Rip Clear started selling goggle lens protectors is because no one likes changing lenses all the time (and it’s expensive). These can make your lenses last longer and are also claimed to make the lens stronger (although I never tested the theory). After some time with the Rip Clear protectors I have to say they are definitely more scratch resistant (especially in the Costa Rican mud where you may or may not have ran out of tear offs, thus forcing said rider to have to wipe the lens with muddy gloves) than your bare goggle lens and I haven’t had to change lenses as frequently. After some use and abuse they start to peel up on the edges and that’s when it’s time to replace them. You can just take off the old one, clean the lens and install a new Rip Clear. While the outside of the lens stays much more scratch resistant, the inside is still the standard  lens. 




 I noticed that after being able to use my lens for longer durations of time, the inside of the lens really starts to take more of a beating (especially in dusty conditions). If I had to put a number on it I would say that a lens lasts 1.5 to 1.75 times longer than not having a Rip Clear. So depending on how much a lens costs for your goggle (anywhere from $10-$40 nowadays) a set of Rip Clear Lens protectors ($20 for a pack of 2) may be worth the investment for you to get a little more life out of your lens (plus you won’t be cussing at your goggles or your wife and changing lenses as frequently). I would say my main gripe about the product is that it’s slightly difficult  to get the protector on perfectly and have no bubbles between the lens and protector. As of right now Rip Clear only offers a universal protector that fits between your tear off posts, but after talking with the company they plan to release a few goggle specific (for the more popular models) protectors soon, that will have holes for tear off posts and reach further towards the edge of the lens. The company let me know that as long as there is a demand for something that needs a protector, they will be more than happy to make it. I think for more hardcore moto riders this may not be the ideal product because let’s be honest, some moto riders are divas about field of vision and may have more money than your average blue collar off-road rider. I for one come from an off-road background and I can really see a need for making lenses last longer, especially when conditions get nasty. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any more questions about his product at Michael@keeferinctesting. Or check out Rip Clear at


Make sure the lens is clean and dry before installing or bubbles might form. 

Make sure the lens is clean and dry before installing or bubbles might form.