Fly Lite Hydrogen Gear Set

Having been a contributor for many years at a publication (that is now worthless) as well as testing with Kris over the last two years; it’s safe to say I’ve worn many different gear brands and styles. That being said, for some reason I had never worn anything from Fly Racing until last year when I got their Patrol jacket which quickly became my favorite off-road jackets/vests of all time. After telling Kris how much I liked the jacket he said I should try a set of their gear so I ordered up a pant, jersey, and set of gloves from their Lite Hydrogen line and patiently waited for it to arrive at my door step. 


Let me preface this review with the fact that although I ride a lot of moto with Kris, I also do a lot of trail riding as well as off-road racing, so I tend to really put sets of gear through the both sides of the fence. I got my set of red Lite Hydrogen gear and one of the first things I noticed when getting dressed was the fit. I’m a little picky when it comes to how gear fits as I don’t want the LBZ look, but at the same time I don’t necessarily have the figure of a super model, so skin tight gear is almost as bad as wearing baggies. The large jersey and 32” pants contoured my 6” 180 pound frame perfectly without making me suck in my beer belly (yes, I like beer, sorry Keefer). The jersey is slightly looser than the pant, which is fine with me because I like some air between my body and the jersey. This also allows me to wear my chest protector under the jersey without looking like a football player. The jersey has mesh ventilation panels, is laser cut, and has a slightly longer tail, so you don’t look like Jason Anderson when on the track. 


Having a slightly slimmer fitting pant is also fine with me because the fabric stays contoured without being too tight and uncomfortable. Being more form fitting also doesn’t leave any baggy material to get caught on shrouds or other parts of the bike which can impede your ability to feel comfortable on the bike. The pant material although having a contour fit seems to still be able to breathe and also has a very durable knee area, which hasn’t shown any signs of breaking down yet. One of the coolest features on the Lite Hydrogen pant is the BOA system, which gives you another way to keep the pants snug. It also kind of gives you that custom fit as everyone is made different right?  On the back of the pants, along the waist line, there is a BOA reel which can be clicked out and turned clockwise to tighten the waist of the pants. One off-road reason that I like this system is that when I wear my fanny pack (yes, I’m that guy) the extra adjustment lets me keep the pants tight so they don’t slowly fall down on a long trail ride. Boom! 


The Lite glove is a minimalist glove, which for me makes it very comfortable; although it’s no secret that minimalist gloves don’t provide the most protection off-road, it works out ok for me because I am a hand guard type of guy. The palm of the glove is made from perforated Clarino material and has a reinforced thumb area which have both lasted with no signs of tearing. On the top of the hands is a spandex material, which is very comfortable, but doesn’t protect from bush and shrub slaps when off-roading. 


I’ve been wearing this gear for a few months now and to be 100% honest it has been really good for both aspects of my riding! I only thought this gar would be good when I rode moto, but it has been great when I am hitting the trails as well. The only real downfall that I’ve found is the lack of protection of the back of the glove. That being said, the gloves were never meant to be off-road gloves (Fly makes a whole line of glove options for any discipline you may ride).  With the price breaking down as follows: Jersey-$49.95, Pant- $169.95, Gloves- $21.95, I think the Lite Hydrogen gear set is a great value for the hard earned dollar that you’re going to spend. If you have any more questions about the Fly Light Hydrogen gear, feel free to reach out to me at