EVS Revo 4 & Revo 5 Roost Guards


Written/Tested By: Dominic Cimino

I am a huge advocate for wearing protective gear in motocross. I firmly believe that the better someone is equipped with safety gear, the lesser the chance is for them to experience an injury that could have been prevented. This product review is centered around something that I continue to wear every time I swing my leg over a bike; an under-the-jersey chest protector/roost guard. We have both the Revo 4 and Revo 5 roost guards by EVS on the table, and this quick review will break down a little bit about each of them in case you might be on the market for this specific piece of equipment. 

First off, EVS has been in the protective gear game for a longer than a hot minute. They stand by the company motto of “we are protection” and it shows. They make anything and everything related to keeping one’s body safe in this sport we love the most. Not to mention, one of their biggest ambassadors is the human crash test dummy himself, Travis Pastrana. The fact that the guy is still walking should be a true testament to the EVS protection line. The Revo 4 and Revo 5 roost guards are a one size fits all, under the jersey garment, designed to keep that painful roost off of your upper body. We all know the feeling; of trying to pass your buddy or some stubborn animal on a 450 that is completely hazing you. It is not fun! If you experience this scenario from time to time and are not wearing a roost guard or chest protector, god bless you. 


Both of the Revo guards share the exact same chest piece - from the color, to sizing and design. Where they differ is the Revo 5 incorporates a back protector and removable shoulder pads to round out the comprehensive upper body zone. Upon first fitment, both guards felt large on me (I’m 5’7”, 145lbs - skinny guy). I quickly found out there are plenty of adjustable straps to tailor the Revos’ to my body, so the “one size fits all” statement seems pretty accurate. Once I got everything adjusted accordingly, the roost guards felt very comfortable. They both wrapped around my chest and ribs really well, giving the “hug effect”. They allowed me to put my jersey on easily with no hang-ups, and once fully geared up, did not feel or look overly bulky in plain sight. 


For the purpose of this test, I removed the minimal shoulder pads on the Revo 5 so I could compare apples to apples to apples (Revo 4 vs Revo 5 vs Alpinestars A1 - the go-to in my gear bag). On the track, the Revo guards where very comfortable in use. They stayed in place and did not hinder any movement that I needed when on the bike. I really enjoyed the “hug effect” that they provide… I guess there is just something natural about that feeling that is hard to replicate. The Revo 4 feels just slightly more naked, due to the fact that it is missing the back piece. You will still feel the adjustable back straps against you, because they are not the most minimalistic in design. On the other hand, the Revo 5 just felt slightly better overall, due to the package being a little more complete when incorporating the backplate. To be honest, these guards are pretty much the exact same, so why would you not wear the backplate if it has no negative side effects? That is how I see it at least, the more protection the better so long as comfort and performance are not hindered. The one thing I could see posing a problem during the warmer months of the riding season is ventilation. The Revo guards do not seem to have much of it, when compared to my Alpinestars A1. After riding multiple motos in them, I did not have that big of an issue due to cooler weather at the moment, but I could definitely see that changing when we are back in triple digits. 


I plan to keep one of these in my gear bag at all times moving forward. Whether I end up using it, or I try to spread the gospel of safety to anyone near me that might need to hear it. These under-the-jersey protective pieces are a no brainer for me, as the sleek designs and comfort they provide give no room for excuses to anyone looking to stay safe. EVS continues to develop great safety products and you can view them all over at www.evs-sports.com. Thank you for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to holler at me - dominic@keeferinctesting.com