Fox Flexair Gloves

If you asked me what piece of riding gear that I am most picky about, my answer would be, “gloves”. If you have the wrong fitting glove your whole day of riding seems to get ruined. Your hands are connected to the handlebars, which controls 90% of the motorcycle that you're trying to control right? So…. If your hands aren’t comfortable then it can throw your riding off axis real quick. Having a tight fitting glove causes arm pump and having a loose fitting glove can possibly give you whiskey throttle, so yes gloves are important! In the coming weeks I am going to be writing about some of my favorite sets of gloves that are out there on the market right here at The first set I would like to talk about are the Fox Flexair gloves: 


The Flexair Glove is a minimalist motocross glove with a almost tailored fit and a lightweight feel. Constructed from Stretch Cordura, it provides a high level of dexterity. The stretch mesh finger gussets (the fabric between your fingers) increases flexibility as well as helps channel air through the glove for increased ventilation. The Flexair glove also features a conductive thread on the thumb and index finger so you can use your cell phone without removing your gloves (AKA, getting bangers at the track).


Why are the Fox Flexair gloves one of my favorite sets of gloves to wear? Let me walk you through this a little…. I like Fox’s minimalistic glove because this type of glove forms to my hand well enough that I can feel my grips exceptionally well while riding. The Fox Flexair minimalistic gloves don’t bunch up or feel fat to where I can’t feel my handlebars. The cuff design is brilliant as there are no seams to the glove near the cuff. The cuff and thumb area of the glove are a one piece design, which allows for a snug fit, yet not so tight where it cuts off the movement of your fingers/palms on the bars. The material that Fox uses is unmatched for a minimalistic style glove as the stretch Cordura material feels like a second layer of skin once the glove is slipped on to your hands. It doesn’t even feel like you're wearing gloves, it just feels like an extension of your hand. The palm area of the Flexair is super sticky and might take some time to get used to if you're not familiar with that feel. Once your hands are on the handlebars, the palms of the Flexair gloves feel planted to the compound of your grips and adheres itself so well that you do not have to worry about slippage, even when your grips seem to get worn out (which mine do often on these set bikes). The ventilation I experience is second to none as these gloves pass air so well that if you're wearing these suckers on a cool day, you might notice that your fingers will get cold fairly quick. They are super lightweight and it basically feels like a soft pillow for each finger. 


Now don't expect to deflect roost, rocks, and or trees with these gloves, but if you're looking for one of the most comfortable, form fitting, stretchy set of gloves these gloves take the cake with ease. Much like new boots some new gloves take some time to break in, but the Flexair gloves need “ZERO” break in time and are ready out of the package. Durability of these gloves are decent, just don’t expect to go four hard months of riding with these as the seams can come apart from taking them on and off several times. The cost of the Flexair glove is reasonable at $39.95 and they come in three colorways (black, orange, red). The fit of the gloves are true to size, so if you're a large in other sets of gloves you will be a large in the Flexair. 

If you're looking for a glove that has the most comfort, give these Fox Flexair’s a try. While you're at it, let me know how you like yours and email me at and drop some knowledge on me! I like to hear what you guys think as well..