2019 Suzuki Motocross Models

Suzuki Introduces 2019 Motocross, DualSport, Off-Road and Youth Models

All-new RM-Z250 and DR-Z50 top the list of updated and returning models


Brea, CA (July 17, 2018) – Led by the advance look at an all-new RM-Z250 motocross machine and the new DR-Z50 mini, Suzuki Motor of America (SMAI) is proud to announce the introduction of its 2019 Motocross, DualSport, Off-road and Youth models including the QuadSport Z90 and QuadSport Z50 ATVs. The completely updated RM-Z250 features a long list of enhancements and performance improvements and now mirrors the cutting-edge styling of its big brother RM-Z450, introduced just last year. 


All-new from the ground up in 2018, the RM-Z450 returns with key updates to its suspension while Suzuki’s versatile DualSport and DR-Z400SM models continue to provide owners with class-leading performance whether riding on- or off-road. For those ready to take Suzuki’s renowned motocross bike handling to the trails, the RMX450Z returns for serious desert and woods riders. The DR-Z125L is everyone’s favorite trail bike and returns with RM-Z inspired graphics. 



2019 Motocross Models

Suzuki’s tradition of building championship winning, high performance motocross machines takes the next step forward with the pre-announcement of the all-new, 2019 RM-Z250. Designed to move it to the head of the 250 class, this all-new stunner features a long list of enhancements and performance improvements. Preliminary information on this new motorcycle is available now with full product details and specifications set to be announced in September.


Evolving the fundamental performance elements of ‘RUN’, ‘TURN’ and ‘STOP’ to a new level, Suzuki has infused the Winning Balance into the new 2019 RM-Z250. 


Suzuki engineers have achieved an even greater level of balance between the race-proven performance of the RM-Z250’s engine and chassis. Particular attention was focused on advancing its ‘TURN’ capabilities to continue Suzuki’s tradition of producing the best handling motorcycles on the racetrack. The styling of the RM-Z250 is all-new and unified with that of the RM-Z450.


 2019 RM-Z250

2019 RM-Z250


NEW 2019 RM-Z250

New Aluminum Frame & Swingarm

More Power and Improved Throttle Response

Sleek New Bodywork & Ergonomics

New Coil-spring Fork & Shock/Linkage

Champion Yellow with Red/Blue Graphics


Estimated arrival at dealers: February 2019

*Additional information will be available in September 2018



With a decade’s worth of race win dominance, the 2019 RM-Z450 remains the champion’s choice. Fully-revised in 2018, the RM-Z450 returns with its sleek, race-ready appearance, strong engine and a nimble chassis that continues Suzuki’s tradition of having the best handling 450. To further improve the agile RM-Z450, a new spring has been fitted to the SHOWA BFRC shock with new damping force settings while the coil-spring fork has new damping-force settings as well.  Continual improvement is why the RM-Z450 remains the class standard for cornering performance.


 2019 RM-Z450

2019 RM-Z450


2019 RM-Z450

DOHC 4-valve, 449cc, 4-stroke Engine

Suzuki EFI with Tuning Coupler System

Twin-spar Aluminum Frame & Swingarm

New Rear Shock Spring 

Updated Suspension Settings

Champion Yellow with Red/Blue Graphics

MSRP $8949

Estimated arrival at dealers: August 2018


 2019 RM85

2019 RM85


2019 RM85

The Choice of Future Champions

Strong & Reliable 84.7cc Two-stroke Engine

Six-speed Transmission & Manual Clutch

Fully Adjustable SHOWA Suspension

Champion Yellow with Red/Blue Graphics

MSRP $4199

Estimated arrival at dealers: November 2018


Enlist in the RM ARMY and enjoy Suzuki Amateur Racing Support! 

Suzuki’s renowned RM Army and Amateur Racing Support continues, offering over $3.8 million in contingency, trackside support, and the opportunity to train with Ricky Carmichael at Suzuki’s exclusive Camp Carmichael. Want to see why champions choose Suzuki? Visit www.racesuzuki.com for more information on Suzuki’s Amateur Support Program and enlist in the RM ARMY!


Kawasaki Unveils Its 2019 KX450F


Kawasaki looks to be a serious threat to the 450cc motocross class with their all new 2019 KX450F. We have seen spy photos for a while, but today confirms that the new green machine gets an A-Kit style spring fork, hydraulic clutch, a new electric start engine, new frame and much more. We are out at Pala tonight for the special presentation and will be testing this very machine on Wednesday. Look for a "First Impression" on Keeferinctesting.com and a special "Keefer Tested Podcast" come Thursday AM! In the meantime enjoy some of the information and photos Kawasaki provided for us. -KK




Kawasaki Introduces All-New 2019 KX450 Motorcycle

 The Kawasaki KX™ lineup has an unmatched history of success and has paved the path to championships for the motocross heroes of today, while continuing to serve as the ultimate tool for the future stars of tomorrow. The KX family is the most dominant motocross and supercross brand of motorcycle available today, led by its flagship model the KX™450.  The all-new 2019 KX450 weighs in at 232.4 lbs without fuel while boasting a powerful engine, nimble handling, and technologically advanced features that are derived directly from the motorcycles used by Kawasaki’s factory race team. All-new features for 2019 include a new lightweight, more powerful engine, new slimmer aluminum frame, new Showa coil spring front forks with A-KIT technology, new hydraulic clutch and new electric start system.


The KX450 motorcycle is the bike that builds champions. Kawasaki racers also receive the benefit of the industry-leading Team Green™ support network that can be found trackside at events across the nation. The Kawasaki KX450 is notorious for asserting its championship proven dominance across the world.  




  • NEW Kawasaki’s first electric start motocross bike 
  • NEW hydraulic clutch 
  • NEW finger-follower valve train designed by Kawasaki’s World Superbike engineers
  • NEW aggressive cam profiles 
  • NEW larger intake and exhaust valves 
  • NEW lightweight bridged-box piston  
  • NEW thinner air cleaner element 
  • NEW downdraft-style intake routing 
  • NEW longer exhaust header pipe
  • NEW larger 44 mm throttle body 
  • NEW change drum and shift fork reduce weight 
  • NEW plain bearings for the connecting rod big-end 
  • NEW compact fuel pump 


The engine of the KX450 has always been strong, and the lightweight engine package is even stronger in 2019 thanks to the input from the factory race team. The four-stroke, single cylinder, DOHC, water-cooled 449 cc engine has increased peak power and a flatter torque curve that makes it easier to get on the gas sooner. 



New for 2019, the KX450 becomes Kawasaki’s first motocross bike with an electric start, which is activated by the push of a button located on the handlebar near the right grip making starting easy and convenient. A lightweight, compact Li-ion battery helps keep weight down, as does an automatic centrifugal decompression system fitted to the exhaust cam, which lifts one exhaust valve to facilitate starting. 


In addition to an electric start, the KX450 also becomes Kawasaki’s first motocross bike equipped with a hydraulic clutch. The new clutch offers a more direct feel and an easier pull for lighter lever action, helping to reduce fatigue while on the racetrack. The hydraulic clutch is designed to provide a more consistent feeling through minimal change in clutch play as the clutch heats up during heavy use.  


Kawasaki brought top-level road racing technology to the KX450 valve train, using designs from Kawasaki World Superbike engineers. It uses finger-follower valve actuation, enabling larger-diameter valves and more aggressive cam profiles. Thanks to the finger-follower valve actuation, the rev-limit has been raised, contributing to increased high-rpm performance. The change to finger-follower valve actuation reduces the valve train mass and friction compared to a tappet-style valve actuation. A DLC coating on the finger followers helps protect against wear.  


Complementing more aggressive cams, larger 40 mm intake valves and 33 mm exhaust valves with increased lift help air flow and contribute to increased power. Valves are formed from lightweight titanium, reducing reciprocating weight and offering high-rpm reliability. Chromium steel valve spring retainers and a highly durable chromium nitride coating on the camshafts improve reliability at high-rpm. The lightweight bridged-box piston uses the same design as the Monster Energy® Kawasaki race team’s factory race bikes, contributing to strong performance throughout the entire rpm range. The revised piston design reduces weight and optimizes strength for durability. 


The cylinder is offset 8.5 mm forward to reduce mechanical loss through friction from the piston movement, enabling more efficient power generation. A special coating used on the intake port cores during the casting process make ports ultra-smooth, which increases efficiency and performance throughout the rpm range.


The new header pipe length has been increased by 105 mm to match the updated engine package and improves low-end power. A resonator chamber fitted to the exhaust system header effectively increases exhaust pipe length and helps reduce the decibel sound level. A new thinner air cleaner element improves air flow, contributing to increased performance at all rpm. New downdraft-style intake routing allows an even straighter approach for intake air into the cylinder, improving cylinder-filling efficiency and contributing to increased engine power. The new 44 mm throttle body is now larger and features reversed orientation of the butterfly for better fuel atomization from the top mounted injector. A new fine atomizing, 12-hole injector now sprays 75 micron droplets and flows over 20 percent more fuel to contribute to increased power, smooth power delivery and superb engine response at partial throttle. 


A close-ratio five-speed transmission features lightweight gears and shafts to keep weight down, yet retain strength, while contributing to the motorcycle’s winning performance. Revisions have been made to the shift drum and shift fork, resulting in a weight savings. The engine cases, which feature a scavenger pump on the right case, have been constructed of extremely light materials and are designed to meet the highest standards of durability. A change from needle bearings to plain bearings for the connecting rod big-end reduces mechanical loss, contributing to overall performance.


The new lightweight fuel pump is located in the plastic fuel tank and has a revised design that is more compact, enabling a flatter design for the top of the tank. 






  • NEW Ability to adjust mapping while engine is running  



    Contributing to the race-winning engine characteristics, the digital fuel injection system of the KX450 features a coupler package that has set the industry standard. Each KX450 motorcycle comes standard with three different couplers, easily allowing riders to select pre-programmed fuel injection and ignition mapping to suit their riding style or track conditions. The four-pin DFI® couplers select maps that are designed for standard, hard or soft terrain settings. Changing the engine map is as simple as connecting the coupler cap of choice. For riders looking to fine tune their ECU settings, the KX FI Calibration Kit (Handheld) is offered as a Kawasaki Genuine Accessory, and provides access to the fully programmable ECU. The handheld device eliminates the need for a trackside laptop and gives riders the ability to create custom maps for precise adjustment of fuel and ignition settings. The user-friendly device can store up to seven preset maps and is PC-compatible. For 2019, maps can now be changed while the engine is running by changing couplers, eliminating the need to shut off the engine.



The launch control system of the KX450 motorcycle is a favorite for riders who are focused on getting to the first turn ahead of their competition. The push-button activation retards ignition timing in first and second gear, helping maximize traction and put the bike’s potent power to the ground. Once the rider shifts into third gear, normal ignition mapping immediately resumes and full power is restored. 





  • NEW slimmer aluminum perimeter frame 
  • NEW engine used as a stressed member for rigidity balance 
  • NEW swingarm with revised rigidity to match the main frame


 Kawasaki’s engineering team has worked closely with the factory racing team to develop an industry-leading slim aluminum perimeter frame that is capable of providing precise cornering through excellent front-end feel and the ultimate agility at high speeds. As an evolution of the current design, the new frame boasts increased overall rigidity balance. The frame’s lightweight construction is composed of forged, extruded and cast parts, while the engine is used as a stressed member and adds to the frames rigidity balance. The overall rigidity balance has been increased through a new steering head area with optimized rigidity, main frame rails with revised cross-section, and a revised line for the swingarm brackets. Lower frame rails have been widened and also contribute to the bikes overall rigidity balance. Forged chain adjusters are also equipped with a self-locking rear axle nut. The axle nut holds 80 lb-ft torque without the need of a cotter pin, simplifying maintenance at the track. 



The KX450 motorcycle also features a new lightweight swingarm that has revised rigidity and was designed to match the frame, and contributes to increased traction at the rear wheel. The alloy swingarm is constructed of a cast front section and twin tapered hydro-formed spars in a raw aluminum finish. With center of gravity and balanced handling in mind, engineers carefully placed the dimension of the swingarm pivot, output sprocket, and rear axle locations, so that the rear tire would drive the bike forward. 





  • NEW Showa 49 mm coil spring fork with A-KIT technology 
  • NEW revised linkage ratios 
  • NEW rear shock layout and Uni-Trak® rear suspension
  • NEW front brake master cylinder 
  • NEW larger 250 mm rear disc
  • NEW rear brake master cylinder and hose
  • NEW larger-diameter 22 mm front axle


    For 2019, the KX450 motorcycle is equipped with new high-performance Showa 49 mm coil spring front forks with A-KIT technology, which feature large diameter inner tubes that are the same size as those found on Kawasaki’s factory racing team’s bikes and enable the use of large damping pistons for smooth action and firm damping.  A hard titanium coating on the outer surface of the fork inner tubes helps prevent wear abrasion. The increased surface hardness of the dark navy blue coating also helps to prevent scratches and damage to the tubes. As a result of the surface remaining smoother for a longer period, the reduction of friction creates a smoother and more enjoyable ride. A Showa “Dimplush™” finish process plus Kashima Coat creates a micro-dimpled surface on the inner walls of the outer fork tubes to improve oil retention, and helps prevent wear abrasion on the inside of the tubes, ensuring the sliding surfaces remain smooth for a long time, while the outside is protected against corrosion. The A-KIT technology used in valving, surface treatments and finishes, contributes to noticeably smoother suspension action at the initial part of the stroke and a better ride feel. Incredibly precise personalized settings can be found with 16-position compression and 16-position rebound adjustments. 


On the rear suspension, a new Kawasaki Uni-Trak® linkage system is designed to work in conjunction with the new shock, new aluminum frame and new swingarm. The linkage, which is mounted below the swingarm, allows for a longer rear suspension stroke and allows more precise rear suspension tuning. The linkage ratios have been revised to help keep the rear wheel planted for increased traction. The Showa shock layout has been shifted 5 mm to the right to allow room for the new downdraft-style engine intake and increases rear wheel traction. The new Showa Compact Design rear shock has A-KIT technology with bigger diameter compression adjuster, improving damping on the high frequency movements found on today’s motocross tracks. Dual compression adjustability can be found on the rear shock, allowing high-speed and low-speed damping to be adjusted separately. The fully adjustable shock allows for settings to be personalized for riding preference and conditions. 



An oversized 270 mm, petal-shaped front brake rotor from the renowned manufacturer, Braking, is fitted to keep up with the powerful engine of the KX450 and help riders brake harder and later than the competition. The front brake master cylinder has been revised and offers better initial control, while contributing to overall braking performance and consistency. The rear is equipped with a new larger-diameter 250 mm petal-shaped Braking® rotor that matches the large front disc and contributes to stronger stopping power. The rear brake master cylinder and hose have been revised to reduce weight. 


Derived from Kawasaki’s factory racing efforts, front-end traction has been improved thanks to a new larger-diameter 22 mm front axle shaft. Dunlop MX3S tires contribute to increased front and rear traction. 





  • NEW lighter and wider footpegs 


Kawasaki continues its unmatched commitment towards providing riders with class-leading ERGO-FIT™ comfort thanks to its adjustable handlebar mounting system and footpegs to fit a variety of riders and riding styles. The handlebars feature four-way adjustable mounts. The multi-position handlebars offer two mounting holes with 35 mm of adjustability, and the 180-degree offset clamps boast four individual settings to suit different size riders. The new lighter footpegs are 5 mm wider and positioned 3 mm further rearward, offering excellent grip and making it easier to weight the pegs. The footpegs feature dual-position mounting points, with a lower position that reduces the standard setting by an additional 5 mm. The lower position effectively lowers the center of gravity when standing, and reduces knee angle when taller riders are seated. 





  • NEW bodywork designed to facilitate rider movement
  • NEW slimmer single piece radiator shrouds 
  • NEW flatter and lower fuel tank 
  • NEW smooth engine covers 


Complementing its championship proven technology, the 2019 KX450 motorcycle features aggressive styling along with in-mold graphics on the radiator shrouds that result in an ultra-smooth surface and racy look needed to finish at the top of its class. The sleek bodywork has been molded to match the V-mounted radiators and narrow chassis design. The flatter fuel tank design allows the tip of the seat to be 20 mm lower and gives the rider greater freedom of movement when changing riding position, and facilitates sitting farther forward. 


Each piece of bodywork has been designed to help facilitate rider movement with long, smooth surfaces that make it easy to slide back and forth. New single piece shrouds are slimmer where they come to contact with the rider’s legs and are easier to hold on to. Seams between the shrouds, seat, and side covers are nearly flush in order to increase bike control as well as moving around on the motorcycle. 


Adding to the distinctive Kawasaki factory race team look is a green oil cap, generator cover plugs, green alumite suspension adjusters, and black alumite wheels. Engine covers were designed to be smooth in order to not impede rider movement. 


The 2019 Kawasaki KX450 motorcycle can easily be made to suit a large range of riders thanks to its flat seat design, adjustable handlebar and footpegs and adjustable suspension components. This perfectly complements the wide range of damping settings as well as the DFI couplers and optional handheld KX FI Calibration Kit, allowing the rider to find the ideal engine characteristics to suit a particular track or conditions. While the base settings on the KX450 motorcycle are based on extensive testing and racing, the motorcycle provides a huge range of technology and adjustment to help ensure every rider can experience the incredible ability of this extremely capable motocross bike.



Kawasaki Team Green Racing Contingency for 2019 supercross, motocross, and off-road racing are set to be announced and include the all-new KX450. Highlights of the contingency program include increased payouts in off-road racing and more privateer support in both supercross and motocross. 


Color: Lime Green 

MSRP: $9,299






Yamaha Introduces Completely Redesigned YZ250F, Updated YZ450F & YZ85 for 2019

Yamaha Introduces Completely Redesigned YZ250F, Updated YZ450F & YZ85 for 2019

We were expecting a new YZ250F from Yamaha in 2019 and that is exactly what we get. The kids will also be stoked to learn that Yamaha made some major updates to the trusty YZ85 while the 2019 YZ450F only gets minor updates.

The Balancing Act Blog #2

The Balancing Act

Blog #2



So I haven't really had time to write a blog since I started Keefer Inc. Testing so I decided that this Sunday morning would be a god time and let you know how it’s all been going. When I started this venture with Keefer Inc. Testing I knew it would be a tough task, but I have never been one to shy away from hard work. However, time delegation is something that I have been trying to get better at these past few months and let me tell you it’s a work in progress. Such is life right? As much as I would love to get you all tons of content everyday, the truth is I am only one dude and would rather put up quality tests than quantity. Being with the magazine for many years everything is “hurry up and get it up” and even though I did not like this type of “testing” it was something I was forced to do. It’s the nature of the beast when it comes to today’s media outlets, because everyone wants their shit up now and no one likes to wait. Hell, I am guilty of this as well, especially when it comes to Mrs. Keefer’s After Dark duties! :) Between getting quality content up for Pulp MX, learning this podcast thing and getting quality, informative tests put up right here on Keefer Inc. it has been tough. I have neglected some key things in my life that shouldn’t be neglected like family and friends so I could get this snowball rolling down the hill. 


 There are a lot more moving parts to my job now as I am now the editor, test rider and salesman for my brand. I am not very good at trusting just anyone and I keep my inner circle very limited. I worry more now that I am on my own because all that goes up on this site has my name is attached to everything that is performed. If there is one thing that I don’t negotiate with, it has to be my integrity. So when I left the magazine I offered a couple key guys that I trusted the most to come over here and help me create content. I get tons of questions on if we will be doing off-road stuff and the answer is “yes”, I am going to do some off-road testing. When I think back on how it all started when I was nine years old, it was with my dad out on the trails following him around. I grew up racing off-road and still love it so much to this day. Some of my best friends are off-road racers and I still follow it very closely. I brought my good friend Michael Allen with me from the magazine as he is the true epitome of an off-road guy. Michael could give two shits on what he looks like when he rides, he likes to go out on a trail ride for five to six hours, he’s willing to try and ride anything, he is very hard on equipment, he will have a beer after he rides and loves to bench race about the day’s events. To me this is the perfect guy to help me with my off-road program. You will get to know Michael more in an upcoming Husqvarna TE250i test here shortly.   

 Keefer Inc. Testing Off-Road guy Michael Allen. 

Keefer Inc. Testing Off-Road guy Michael Allen. 


Now just like most of all of you guys and gals out there you probably get burned out on your job at work right? Duh. I deal with that same thing over here except the difference is the burnout I feel at times with my work is also my hobby. Some days I just need a few days to NOT ride, talk and type about dirt bikes. However, at the same time I end up stressing out that I am not creating content for you all and I am leaving all of you enthusiasts hanging. I feel guilty! This is the balancing act that I am working on so that all of you out there will have continual information to feed your brain over here at Keefer Inc. Names like Michael Allen, Dominic Cimino, Tyler Bowers, Lane Shaw, Colton Aeck, Broc Shoemaker and Matt Bynum among others are not only good test riders, they are good people that you can walk up and talk to at the track and you will not get that “cool guy” attitude. I like good hearted people! I don't like snakes in the grass and guys that aren't real. I’ve had enough of that at other places. 


Shootout time is here! We will be doing 2018 Shootouts this year, but unlike others out there we will be doing it in a different way. I will be feeding all of you daily information (via the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Keefer Tested podcast) on what went down on each day of testing. I wanted to do a daily wrap up show from each track we test at so it’s like you were all right there with us. There will be no delay in information and you will all be able to hear how each bike performed at each track we tested at. For those of you asking about a written version of each Shootout, yes there will be a 250 and 450 MX Shootout up here on the website as well. The goal for me is to try and create more ways for al of you to hear and read the information we have to offer. 


I appreciate everyone comments I have received and also for you all visiting Keefer Inc., Pulp MX and listening to my podcast. We are only a couple months in and I see the numbers growing, so I thank you. Also, if you see me at the track don’t hesitate to come up and shoot the shit and ask any questions you may have. If you like what you read here and like listening to the podcast don’t forget to stop by the store and grab a couple t-shirts for you and your buddies.  


Long Live Dirt Bikes!



Moving On….

Those two words can be really hard to do. Not just in a work setting, but in daily life as well. Moving on from a long relationship, a job, having a family member pass away, hell even getting rid of your old bike that you have had for several years is tough right? Well that is just what I had to do when I left Dirt Rider Magazine. It was time for a fresh start and really go somewhere where I can be myself. I look at starting your own company like purchasing a home. When you rent a home you're not gaining any equity because it’s someone else’s. When you buy a home you're hopefully going to gain equity and invest in you and your family’s future. This is what I wanted for keeferinctesting.com. I wanted to invest in myself and my family’s future. Dirt Rider gave me so many great opportunities, but sometimes with larger corporations there is always one ass hat that screws things up right? Now, I don't have to worry about ass hats and I can create great content for all of you that are interested in coming to a place where things are transparent. Maybe you don’t like me or maybe you will not like my testing and evaluations, but at least you know that you will be getting an honest review of each and every thing you see on this site. 

 Keefer Inc. existed, but not to the form that you see before you now. Much like a factory race team this site had key people that make it all possible. Two gentlemen in particular went to bat for me and did more for me than I could of asked. Ian Tucker created this beautiful place for me to talk shit with all of you. What’s funny about Ian is that he reached out to me (via an email) a couple years ago to do this. However, I was too busy with Dirt Rider duties to do anything about it. Fast forward two years later and Ian was still willing and able to help me create keeferinctesting.com. Ian doesn't even ride dirt bikes, but loves the sport so much that he was all asses and elbows when it came to building me this place. The motorcycle community (yes, that includes people that don't even ride, but love dirt bikes) are awesome humans. Ian was willing to do this for nothing and in return just wanted his skills of building a website shown to the world. Nothing is for free Ian, so you know that I got you something coming in return, even though my jobless ass is poor now! :) 

Chris Denison was the editor at Dirt Rider for many years and was not only my boss, but a guy I learned a lot from on the daily. He is good at all aspects of dirt bikes and would jump at the chance to race and try anything. This is what an editor of a dirt bike magazine should be! An editor who rides and doesn't just sit at a desk and write about dirt bikes! When he left D.R. the place wasn't the same. He lead by example and gave all of his employees a great atmosphere to work in. To this day I have never had a boss like CD. Dirt Rider was a better magazine because of him and he let his employees have creativity. Once he left our creativity was limited and all of us there were boxed in somewhat. CD gave me a ton of motivation to get keeferinctesting.com off the ground. He is transparent just like me and knows how to push my limits, which motivates me. He will be helping me with tests from time to time on here and I cant wait for all of you to get re-acquainted with him as a tester and a person. 

Just like in life you have your home team that gives you support and pushes you to make you better. Everyone that is affiliated with this website has a full heart, clear eyes and are great people. For you to be a part of this project, this is the first requirement on my end. You’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with and I am proud to “move on” with the team of people on this site. Thanks for checking us out and I look forward to giving you all types of great information that you will see here at keeferinctesting.com



You can always drop me a line at kris@keeferinctesting.com