Moving On….

Those two words can be really hard to do. Not just in a work setting, but in daily life as well. Moving on from a long relationship, a job, having a family member pass away, hell even getting rid of your old bike that you have had for several years is tough right? Well that is just what I had to do when I left Dirt Rider Magazine. It was time for a fresh start and really go somewhere where I can be myself. I look at starting your own company like purchasing a home. When you rent a home you're not gaining any equity because it’s someone else’s. When you buy a home you're hopefully going to gain equity and invest in you and your family’s future. This is what I wanted for I wanted to invest in myself and my family’s future. Dirt Rider gave me so many great opportunities, but sometimes with larger corporations there is always one ass hat that screws things up right? Now, I don't have to worry about ass hats and I can create great content for all of you that are interested in coming to a place where things are transparent. Maybe you don’t like me or maybe you will not like my testing and evaluations, but at least you know that you will be getting an honest review of each and every thing you see on this site. 

 Keefer Inc. existed, but not to the form that you see before you now. Much like a factory race team this site had key people that make it all possible. Two gentlemen in particular went to bat for me and did more for me than I could of asked. Ian Tucker created this beautiful place for me to talk shit with all of you. What’s funny about Ian is that he reached out to me (via an email) a couple years ago to do this. However, I was too busy with Dirt Rider duties to do anything about it. Fast forward two years later and Ian was still willing and able to help me create Ian doesn't even ride dirt bikes, but loves the sport so much that he was all asses and elbows when it came to building me this place. The motorcycle community (yes, that includes people that don't even ride, but love dirt bikes) are awesome humans. Ian was willing to do this for nothing and in return just wanted his skills of building a website shown to the world. Nothing is for free Ian, so you know that I got you something coming in return, even though my jobless ass is poor now! :) 

Chris Denison was the editor at Dirt Rider for many years and was not only my boss, but a guy I learned a lot from on the daily. He is good at all aspects of dirt bikes and would jump at the chance to race and try anything. This is what an editor of a dirt bike magazine should be! An editor who rides and doesn't just sit at a desk and write about dirt bikes! When he left D.R. the place wasn't the same. He lead by example and gave all of his employees a great atmosphere to work in. To this day I have never had a boss like CD. Dirt Rider was a better magazine because of him and he let his employees have creativity. Once he left our creativity was limited and all of us there were boxed in somewhat. CD gave me a ton of motivation to get off the ground. He is transparent just like me and knows how to push my limits, which motivates me. He will be helping me with tests from time to time on here and I cant wait for all of you to get re-acquainted with him as a tester and a person. 

Just like in life you have your home team that gives you support and pushes you to make you better. Everyone that is affiliated with this website has a full heart, clear eyes and are great people. For you to be a part of this project, this is the first requirement on my end. You’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with and I am proud to “move on” with the team of people on this site. Thanks for checking us out and I look forward to giving you all types of great information that you will see here at



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