Acerbis X Grip Frame Guards

When I received a pair of Acerbis X Grip Frame Guards I wasn't exactly going bananas with putting them on ASAP. I mean come on! They're frame guards and the KTM 450 SX-F already comes with a set stock. After I managed to wear the stock ones down in 8.2 hours however I installed the Acerbis X Grip Frame Guards unknowingly that I would be so impressed. 


The X Grip frame guards allows the rider to both protect the frame of the motorcycle from wear as well as trying to add increased grip to the middle of the bike for the rider to hold onto. Made from a dual injected mold; The outer plastic is polycarbonate while the inner plastic is playable and offers added grip for the rider. 

Installing the X Grip Guards are painless as you will only use the existing KTM hardware and the three zip ties Acerbis provides, to secure the guards in place. Once installed and on the track you will immediately notice the added grip you get when squeezing the machine. Compared to the stock KTM frame guards the Acerbis X Grip guards feel like they do not slip/slide around as much on the inside of your boot when squeezing. I also feel at times that the KTM can be hard to squeeze with my legs because it’s so narrow in the middle of the machine. With the X Grip guards I can “lock in” a little better because the middle frame area of the KTM feels slightly wider, in a good way. If you are able to squeeze with your legs more without gripping too hard with your hands, you will be able to last longer on the bike. Loose arms, strong legs is a great way to explain how to go fast on a dirt bike. 


The texture of the X Grip also stays intact longer than the stock frame guards and that grippy material covers a wider portion of the machine. I also tried the X Grip on an aluminum frame Yamaha and there was increased traction for my legs to lock in with my boots, which was a welcomed feeling. The attractiveness of the Acerbis frame guards on an aluminum frame bike isn't very high on my “good looks” scale, but they are effective nonetheless. The X Grip looks way better on a steel frame machine. 

For $49.95 the Acerbis X Grip Frame Guards offer a better gripping platform for the KTM and that grip will last longer than the stock frame guards that come on the KTM 450 SX-F. Acerbis offers a wide range of color options for you and your machine and is available direct at