gear testing overview

Back before Instagram and Justin Bieber, in a time when two-strokes ruled the land, the iconic punk band Guttermouth famously sang, “Looking good is all that matters.” Unfortunately, this simple lyric has become the anthem for thousands of misguided motorcycle riders, who unwisely choose to base 99.8% of their gear purchases on style alone. Don’t get us wrong; looking good definitely matters, but there are some key considerations to be made when evaluating gear: fit, durability, function, protection, price, all of these factors weigh every bit as heavily as how lit your kit is.

One of the things that we pride ourselves on at Keefer Inc. is inclusiveness; motocross is about having fun, and you don’t need the latest and greatest threads in order to do that. Come to a Keefer Inc. ride day and you’ll see vet dudes in armadillo-style chest protectors, girls in several-years-old pant/jersey combos that fit perfectly, and kids in helmets that may not sport the best paint job around, but that are sized properly for their growing domes. The common theme here is that riders who know what they need are often better protector, more comfortable, and ultimately safer than those who purely try to emulate the look of their favorite pros.

Our gear testing page features straight-up reviews on anything and everything you might wear at the track: helmets, goggles, jersey, gloves, pants (shit, you’d better be wearing pants at the track!) and boots. Additionally, we’ve grouped protective gear in here as well, which includes knee braces and chest protectors, along with under garments and base layers. All of these items have been reviewed with a balanced approach that takes into account the performance and durability of the item, as well as the other considerations that we have urged you to make when purchasing new gear.

Take a look around, and be sure to ping us if you have a question, whether it be related to fit, function, or performance of a given item. Also, be sure to let us know if there are any gear items that you have tried lately that you love or hate—it’s always helpful for us to hear about your experiences with similar items!