Risk Racing ATS Adjustable Magnetic Stand

Matthes walked through my shop the other day and said “Keefer, you need more stands” with a lot of sarcasm in his voice. Yes, I have a lot of stands Steve, but I also have a lot of bikes in the shop as well. The tough part is to get a stand that works for every type of machine I have in the shop. Risk Racing emailed me and wanted to give them my honest opinion on their ATS Magnetic Adjustable Stand so I spent about three months with this sucker to see what its capabilities were. 


The Risk Racing ATS Magnetic Stand features two anodized, CNC, aluminum turnbuckles with locknuts, that allow the user to set the angle of the top of the stand and then lock it in place. This enables the user to match the exact angle of their bike chassis, bringing both tires level into the air. With both tires lifted, simple tasks like cleaning and servicing can be much easier right? 


When I work on my test bikes I often leave loose bolts around then Aden will come outside (into the shop) and kicks them across the shop. To eliminate this frustration, Risk Racing embedded magnets into both side panels of the A.T.S. Stand. Utilizing magnets on both side panels allows bolts from each side of the bike to be kept isolated and on the correct side of the bike.


The adjustable top features a large oil drain hole and an oversized, non-slip rubber pad that is chemical resistant, thick, and hard-wearing. The bolts sit below the rubber top meaning your bike only ever sits on the rubber. The A.T.S Stand chassis is constructed of powder coated steel and built to endure the abusive life that us dirt bikers can dish out to our stands from time to time. 

The turnbuckles are anodized aluminum and equipped with locknuts, so users can lock in their desired angle. The combination is a robust moto stand that can magnetically hold nuts & bolts! The Risk Racing stand isn't the lightest of stands, but that forces me to actually get out of the van and place it on the dirt instead of throwing my stand out into the pits like a lazy person. 

What I like about this Risk Racing ATS Adjustable Stand the most is that I can actually lube my chain on the Honda CRF450R without the rear wheel hitting the dirt. Yes, other stands have rubber blocks that you can put at the top of one end and the bike will balance, but what’s cool is that you can put your kid’s 85 on the Risk Racing stand and you can get the perfect balance (with either machine within seconds). Having the magnetic side panels makes for easier at-the-track part changes/bolt placement. No more looking for that one missing bolt in the dirt. Don’t act like that hasn’t happened to you or your riding buddy. The parts on the stand have been reliable and trying the occasional nose wheelie on the stand hasn’t damaged anything. Yet…


Just like in life, it’s the little things that really make me happy. Risk Racing did a great job of creating a stand that makes my life a little easier in the shop and at the track. The $139.99 price tag is steeper than other stands out on the market, but then again, this stand will accept any type of chassis. I think this stand is bad ass! Check them out at riskracing.com

If you have any questions about this test you can email me at kris@keeferinctesing.com   

Scosche PowerUp 700 Portable Jump Starter

I usually stick to dirt bike related things on this site, but since I recently used the Scosche Power 700 Portable Jump Starter on Lil D’s (Donnie Emler Jr.) brand new 2019 Husqvarna FC450, I thought I would give you guys some insight on why this is a great piece to add in the truck, car or van. The 700 Portable Jump Starter is a high-capacity 15,000mAh lithium-ion battery w/700 amp peak that can jump start vehicles up to 10 cylinders, is spark-free, and the 6-point safety protection system prevents any unwanted mishaps. It also has dual 5V (2.1A + 1.1A) USB ports for charging mobile devices, has a safety protection against any short circuits, a reverse connection/Polarity, ultra-bright LED flashlight, 1000+ charge/discharge cycle backwards that is compatible to work with smaller engines and the LED battery power level indicator works just fine on cars, trucks, boats, ATV/UTV’s and of course dirt bikes.


How many times have you messed around with jumper cables, only to have the positive and negative touch? With most other portable jumpers on the market, you can cause a short circuit and permanently damage the unit when those clamps come in contact. Plus sparks can be dangerous to you and the vehicle as well. The Scosche PowerUp was designed with Spark Proof technology, allowing you, your vehicle, and the unit to stay safe should the clamps touch. My wife doesn't like to jump start anything because she is intimidated by big jumper cables, but with this Scosche 700 Jump Starter, she feels safe enough to do it on her own! Boom! Score! 


What about when it’s dark outside and you need some extra light? This unit has you covered, with the built-in ultra-bright LED, you're provided with plenty of light to find your battery terminals, find your phone (in the loads of crap under your seat), in your carry bag or wherever you may need it. The LED also has a strobe and SOS flashing option just in case you’re in distress or want a portable rave unit.


This Scosche 700 also includes many other great features such as the ability to use it as a backup battery for mobile devices. Low on battery life and your kids are hogging the cords? No problem the Scosche 700 provides you with one 2.1A and one 1.1A USB ports so you can charge two devices at once! 

Most importantly it saved my buddy Lil D’s butt as his new Husqvarna FC450 waste charged enough to start. I simply whipped out the Scosche 700 Portable Jump Starter and the white beast fired right up. He let it idle for a few minutes and the battery was ready to rock! It also takes up almost zero room in your cab and I rarely have to charge it.

Go check out all the products Scosche has to offer at scosche.com and use the code SCOKT25 to save yourself 25% on almost every product on their site! 

VP MR-Pro 6 Racing Fuel Review 


If you're on a budget and are happy with your pump fuel, just continue on with your day and don’t worry about this review. There is nothing wrong with pump fuel (unless you’re from California then you have ethanol problems). However if you do have some extra cash and want to see an improvement in your engine’s power delivery, continue to stick around and read all about VP’s MR-Pro 6 racing fuel. MR-Pro 6 is an unleaded fuel engineered to generate maximum horsepower in four-stroke applications while still conforming to the AMA rules for lead and oxygen content. MR-Pro 6 delivers more power (than pump fuel), thanks to its carefully formulated oxygen and octane content. It requires some jetting/mapping changes and also require some changes in ignition timing. This unleaded fuel is said to make the equivalent power of leaded MR12 on the dyno.


I have been testing the 2019 KTM 450 SX-F and 2019 Yamaha YZ450F a ton lately with aftermarket ignitions. With these ignitions you are able to have increased parameters and can really tune in a bike’s power delivery. To aid in some of this delivery, race fuel becomes very important, so I have been using VP’s MR-Pro 6 in both machines. Now before I tell you how it performed with these aftermarket ECU’s let me start off by saying that you “should” map your ECU for MR-Pro 6, but for testing purposes, I tried the VP fuel with a stock ignition without a re-map. By simply pouring in the MR-Pro 6 into your stock steed, you will see some benefits like increased throttle response and more bottom end. However if you're spending anywhere between $130.00-$180.00 a pail, you will want the most out of your money. Simply pouring this stuff into your bike isn't going to blow your mind with its performance on the track. Don’t waste your money! 

If you want to really benefit from VP’s MR-Pro 6 get your stock or aftermarket ECU re-mapped for this type of fuel. Once mapped you will feel all of the benefits of some good race fuel. You will notice you will have even more RPM response, bottom-mid range pulling power, and an increase in peak horsepower (over-rev). Even with a stock ECU (that is re-mapped for MR-Pro 6) I get all of these positive affects, but with less top end/over-rev. 

Our 2019 KTM 450SX-F test bike has lived on MR-Pro 6 for the past 20 hours or so.

Our 2019 KTM 450SX-F test bike has lived on MR-Pro 6 for the past 20 hours or so.

With a GET or Vortex ECU and MR-Pro 6 the difference is huge on the track. I have spoke about the importance of ECU settings and what they can bring to modern four-stroke technology in my podcasts. It’s huge! MR-Pro 6 gives you an increase in horsepower everywhere on the track and gives your four-stoke a crisper throttle response that makes your machine feel slightly lighter feeling on the track. Yes, fuel with an aftermarket ECU CAN DO THIS

One downside to the MR-Pro 6 is that it can boil when the temperatures rise. I had better luck in the summer months with ETS Racing fuel than I did with MR-Pro 6. You will notice if the fuel starts to boil because you will feel the machine start to run dirty (or rich) feeling (and you will lose a lot of throttle response). In the winter months or on cooler days I have had no problems with MR-Pro 6 boiling. ETS was just more consistent when the temperatures were high. 

If you're looking for increased horsepower and throttle response, VP’s MR-Pro 6 is a huge advantage over many other unleaded race fuels out there. Just be sure to store it somewhere away from your living quarters because the MR-Pro 6 is pungent. The smell is quite strong and can really make your wife or neighbors mad.           

How To Obtain And Keep A Sponsorship

Dirt bikes are expensive right? I know I didn't grow up rich and my dad worked more than one job to get me to the races on the weekends. Sometimes the only time I saw my old man was when we went to the races on the weekends. I knew it was hard on my dad’s pocketbook to get me new shit all the time, so I started to look for ways to get sponsored in order to try and get discounts on parts, gear, dirt bikes, and whatever it is that we needed to go racing. Even though sponsorships have evolved, I have seen some old school trends coming back within the motocross industry. I wanted to sit down and get you all some insight on what it might take to help yourself and or your family to get you to the races every weekend. Read through this carefully and just know that it takes more than just being fast or winning races to get sponsored. There are tons of fast riders out there, but there is only one you!  

Adam and Tyler Enticknap (shown) are great riders who market themselves very well.

Adam and Tyler Enticknap (shown) are great riders who market themselves very well.

Although many people assume only elite athletes can obtain sponsorships, this is simply not true in the motocross and off-road racing world (where amateur racing is the foundation of our sport). The following helpful hints and steps can shed some light on the often-misunderstood process of sponsorships and can give you a leg up on other riders looking for the same opportunities. This just might be your time to become a sponsored athlete and save money or maybe make money on doing what you love—riding and racing your dirt bike! To me that is the definition of “making it”.

Ultimately, it’s about selling products or services. Different companies use different marketing strategies. Those that sponsor athletes use sponsorship as a form of marketing to sell its goods. The riders they choose to support usually represent its target demographic/market. In some cases, they are elite riders, but in other cases, it might just be someone who is exceptionally marketable (look at social media influencer Axel Hodges as of late). Or maybe it’s a local dealership looking for the “blue-collar privateer” racer type or a company marketing to teens looking for that “edgy” rider. Keep in mind that all these companies are looking for someone who represents its desired image and who can help the company sell more of its products. KEY PHRASE HERE IS SELL MORE PRODUCT!!! It is better to be a novice and act professionally than it is to be a professional and act like a jackass. I tell my son Aden all the time to always watch how he acts because in today’s day and age someone is always watching you. 


When searching for companies to sponsor you, consider your own image. Are you an off-road rider who races enduros and cross-country-type races? Are you the local motocross rider who shows up on the weekend or are you the local pro that is looking to head to Supercross? How many times a year do you race? You have to be highly visible to the public (even if it is only locally) if you want to get sponsorship from any company (this is where social media comes into play). Look for companies that market to your racing lifestyle, and know your identity so you’re aware of what you have to offer.

This isn’t the 90’s or early 2000’s as simply showing up to a race isn’t enough, even if you finish well. This fact seems to be lost on most, even with some of today’s top riders. You're virtually useless if you don’t have an audience beyond the very few people who might see you at a race. By developing an audience, you dramatically increase the number of people who see your sponsoring company’s message. A very select few can develop this audience simply by winning (think Eli Tomac or Ken Roczen). These individuals don’t necessarily have to actively build an audience. The media coverage they receive serves that purpose.

For the rest of us normal folk, we need something else. Social media pages and a blog or vlog can be a great way to build an audience. It’s very cheap and easy to get into. It does take significant time to write, shoot and edit video, and to develop a following, but it’s one of the simplest/cheapest ways to do so. There are also websites that can help you provide all of your information and race results like HookIt.com or SponsorHouse.com. These websites let companies view your profile and any updates you would like to share throughout the year. However, I see a trend with more companies going away from sites like these and are using more of an in house approach again.

Having your own Youtube channel could be a great way for fans and future/current sponsors to get to know you better.

Having your own Youtube channel could be a great way for fans and future/current sponsors to get to know you better.

Another great avenue is a social network such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Having thousands of followers and/or friends is a ready-made audience. Also, there are other ways to build an audience. If you have your own business, your customers are an audience of sorts. Basically, it boils down to the fact that, in order to be valuable to a potential sponsor, you need people to pay attention to you. Companies and manufacturers take note on how many “followers” you have and how much you post. When you do have these followers don’t blow smoke up their asses and try to be as transparent as possible. No one wants to see a social media post of some kid drinking an energy drink on the back of his truck with the caption reading “quenching my thirst in between motos”. We all know that is bullshit man! Create an engaging caption and be “real”. Tell a story! People love stories! Let us get to know you, not some fake ass two minute post. When you are “real” people will engage with you more and in doing so your sponsors product has a higher chance of being seen/purchased by viewer. No one likes fake people!


Once you have an audience, a sponsorship level goal, and a target company and the contact, you can begin formulating the actual proposal. Email them or write them! WHAT A CONCEPT RIGHT? COMMUNICATION! HOLY CRAP, IT’S LIKE A LOST ART FORM!! Keep it very short and to the point though. Tell them who you are, the size and demographics of your audience, and what you are seeking. Shoot between 100 and 200 words maximum. These people you’re contacting don’t want a biography; they want to know what you can do for them and how much it is going to cost them. Be courteous and humble. Arrogance is almost always a recipe for failure. “PLEASE” AND “THANK YOU” CAN GO A LONG WAY! Try to be genuine and don’t just ask for all of their shit! Ask them what you can do for them as well. It’s a two way street!


If you're contacting a relatively large company, it's likely they receive tens if not hundreds of requests like yours per month. In most cases, the companies have identified and already reached out to the racers they want. You’re fighting for a tiny fraction of the remaining slice of the marketing budget pie.

If you are at a race and you meet someone representing a company, approach them and ask about their product. If you do not know anything about their product ask about it and how it works. Why would you ask for a sponsorship if you have zero knowledge about their product? That is lame as hell! Asking for free stuff and not knowing the background of the product/company is a red flag almost immediately to industry folk. The best way to represent a company is to fully understand their product beforehand and use it on your own machine or yourself. If you DO NOT like it, don’t ask for a sponsorship. Always believe in what you are pitching or selling. Whatever you do, DO NOT walk up to any company and just directly ask them, “Will you sponsor me?” This tells a potential sponsor that you will “take” and not “give back.” We have enough of these type of people in this world, so don’t add to the list. The off-road motorcycle industry is small, and word can get around that your dumb ass is looking for a handout and only looking out for himself. Don’t be that guy! A sponsorship has to be a 50/50 commitment between the company and the rider (similar to a marriage or any relationship). According to some industry insiders, out of all the riders who receive sponsorships from companies during the year, only half ever use the company’s discounts and order a single thing throughout the sponsorship year agreement. Does that sound like commitment to you? No it sounds like you just screwed up. 

Be approachable and learn to speak to people about certain products you’re endorsing.

Be approachable and learn to speak to people about certain products you’re endorsing.

Ok let’s say you make it this far and have signed a contract for sponsorship to said company. Now it’s time for the real work—to trying to keep it! Or, if you’re receiving a discount on products, maybe getting a heftier discount in the future. Every sponsor is different and will have its own objectives and expectations. Yet whether you’re seeking money, products, or services from a sponsor, it is seeking a few select things from you as well, so you should shape your approach like this:

  • Visibility and Exposure: Companies want to know that those who they sponsor are providing them with unique and revenue-generating exposure. If you can’t provide consistent brand visibility at events or races, you have little to offer a company in terms of long-range sponsorship.

  • Image Compatibility: You’re the image of the company; you should fit the idea of the image it is trying to promote—not the other way around.

  • Local Track Involvement: Businesses benefit when they are identified with a commitment to their local track or even yours. For example, collaborate with a sponsor to organize a ride day or maybe do a kids’ class at your local motocross track. This effort will go far.

• Personal Availability: Depending on a variety of factors, a company might want to have you endorse a product by making appearances or advertising on its behalf. Obviously that is not going to happen to everyone, but make sure when you are at an event you are available to other riders or spectators who want to know more about the products you’re endorsing.

  • Communication: This is huge! If you listen to the Pulp MX Show you know I am big on communication! Keep your sponsors in the loop on what you’re doing and what your future plans are. Don’t rely on them to find out when you are racing or when you are doing an event; they have many riders, and they can’t keep up with all of them. You can do this by communicating directly to the company, using your own personal social media outlets, weekly emails, or other websites. Whichever outlet you choose just be sure to inform them of all your events, and even though results are not always important, it is nice to let them know how you are finishing when you race.

  • Personal Touch: Saying “thank you” and “please” can go a long way these days. Not just in the real world but in the motorcycle industry as well. Yes, we all know you should thank sponsors on the podium or when you do interviews, but what about writing or typing a letter, old-school style, telling the company you appreciate all of its help? Showing personal attention to companies and writing them or even emailing them shows your appreciation and doesn’t hurt. It’s nice to get a letter or email without having the words “can I have?” involved. And just like your initial proposal, keep these updates very brief. If you see the sponsorship coordinator you work with at an event, go up to him or her and introduce yourself. Don’t expect them to know who you are through email and phone conversations. Some people think this is called “ASS KISSING”, but to me it’s being appreciative of what you’re getting. Our society almost frowns on nice people and expect people to be mean, so don’t fall into the trap of being an asshole. Be approachable and learn to speak in public. This is a very rare quality these days and can make you stand out in a industry players mind. 

  • Loyalty/Don’t Be A Company Hopper: Don’t be the guy who hops around with each passing year because another company gives you a little more. Loyalty goes a long way within our industry still, but if you’re known to be a whore within the industry, no one will have respect for you. Our industry is small! 


Trying to obtain and keep a sponsorship is much like trying to obtain and keep a job in the competitive world today. Each one of us is a unique individual, but it’s up to us to make sure that shines through so other people and/or companies see that. You just have to make sure you have a plan, you stick to it, and you keep your word. When you shake someone’s hand let that handshake be firm and a way of letting anyone know that your handshake and your word is your bond. That is what companies want to see when crunching sponsorship dollars come résumé time. A sponsorship is a privilege, not a right; so make sure to let each company know that you appreciate what they are doing for you. 

This all seems like a lot of work and you would be right! It is a lot of work, but just know that these companies are putting their time and money back into you so following these guidelines could give you a long lasting future on helping yourself save some money on what you love to do the most! Ride and race dirt bikes! 

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at kris@keeferinctesting.com

ETS Ultra Blaze US MX 18 K2 Racing Fuel

 Not everyone has the money to go purchase race fuel for their dirt bike. High end race fuel is something that maybe only a few die hard weekend warrior racers really want. I understand this. That shouldn't deter other media testing outlets away from testing such fuels, but it seems like you can’t find that much real world testing info about such things. This test may not be for everyone, but I feel like I wanted to really see how much of an improvement (on the track) race fuel can make in a machine when properly mapped for modern four-strokes. With most high end fuel, simply dumping it into your bike and riding is not going to benefit you in any way. So don’t waste your time and money unless you plan on mapping your existing ECU for any type of high end fuel. There are some other direct pump replacement fuels that DO NOT need re-mapping, but for this test I wanted to try and get the most out of what I am pouring in. I mean it’s $28.00 a gallon, so we have to be “ALL IN” when going this route right? More on that price later… ETS Racing fuels are based out of France and have been around for 10 years, but maybe you’re not too familiar with the company, so here is a breakdown of the ETS Ultra Blaze US MX 18 K2 racing fuel.


About The Machine: I chose the 2019 KTM 450 SX-F to test the ETS Racing Fuel because it is one of the bikes that I feel that can benefit from quality race fuel. The KTM 450 SX-F has a smoother power delivery with a stock ECU setting that is slightly off from the factory. I also have been doing some modifications along they way with this model and have seen very solid improvements. Each modification that I have done to the orange brigade has made this machine better with each bit of money that I have thrown at it. That is what you expect when you put money into your bike right? Well, that is not always the case because sometimes putting your money into your bike doesn't mean it gets better. Putting the money into the right modifications is key and that is what we have done to this 2019 KTM 450 SX-F. Our 450SX-F has a Twisted Development Vortex ignition that is mapped for ETS US MX K2 18, VP MR Pro 6, and regular super unleaded pump fuel. The beauty of the Vortex ignition is that you have 10 preset maps that you can go back and forth from. The simple fact that the ignition is super consistent and hasn't gave me any problems is just one reason why I went this route. The engine is completely stock (minus the FMF 4.1 Muffler System) and I wanted to keep it this way for durability reasons. I ride the crap out of the KTM 450 SX-F and I DO NOT need to be rebuilding it every 20 hours.  


What Sparked My Interest To Test The ETS Racing Fuel: Number 1….Not a lot of people know about ETS Racing Fuel and who is using it. Factory Red Bull KTM and Rockstar Husqvarna race teams use and endorse the fuel. In fact, ETS doesn’t “give” those teams fuel, because in reality both teams “purchase” the fuel. This sparked my interest because it’s not everyday that teams are “spending” money on pieces to their factory bike puzzle. Most of the time factory teams test parts and said companies provide them with that product for free (or even pay them to run their product)! Number 2…We have a ton of ethanol based super unleaded pump fuels around California and this has caused a couple fuel pump failures for me in the past. Number 3…Once Jamie at Twisted Development put on the Vortex ignition he told me there was a map preset for VP MR Pro 6 and ETS US MX 18 K2 racing fuel, so I went ahead and got some of each coming my way. Number 4…I tested with the VP MR Pro 6 for a while and noticed a nice gain in pulling power (compared to pump fuel), but it boiled on warm summer days in California. I really liked the power gains I felt, but after 18 minutes of hard riding the KTM began to run dirty and inconsistent. This really sparked my interest to see if another competing fuel could give me the same power gains, but more consistency over the course of longer motos.  


So How Did the ETS US MX 18 K2 Perform On The Track: First thing’s first. If you're a die hard moto guy you will really love the smell of the ETS US MX 18 K2 racing fuel. It’s a sweet smell and if you have walked around the pits of an AMA Supercross, I am sure you have picked up the scent. However, other people may not appreciate the smell (like the wife), so you may want to store the fuel somewhere far away from the living room or kitchen area of your home (just in case your garage is close to these parts). Once the KTM fuel tank was emptied and the ETS was poured in, I headed out on the track to do a 30 minute moto. I made sure to test all three fuels (VP, ETS, Pump) on the same day (over the course of a few days) in 90 degree temps for an apples to apples comparison. The first thing that I noticed with the ETS US MX 18 K2 racing fuel is that the KTM 450 SX-F had better throttle response (than that of the VP). Throttle response was slightly more crisp and instant with a better bottom end pulling power out of corners. You can just feel a little more “meat” when rolling on the throttle. Mid range was also improved slightly, especially when I was rolling sweeping corners in third gear. The KTM just seemed to pull better and have increased mid range RPM response. The VP and ETS fuels feel very similar up on top end as I didn't notice any real difference there. To me the biggest selling point (besides increased power feeling) was the consistency the fuel had over the course of a 30 minute moto. With the VP I had a clean running engine feel up until 18 minutes and then it started to boil (on very warm days), but with the ETS fuel the KTM ran crisp and clean throughout the entire moto. This was huge for me! There were no remnants of fuel puking out the vent house and I could do a full day of motos with zero boiling issues.       

Cost And Where To Purchase: You may want to sit down for this. The cost of the ETS US MX 18 K2 racing fuel is $28.00 a gallon and comes in 15 gallon drums. Again, like I mentioned before, this is an expensive investment that is not for everyone, but if you're serious about performance and getting that little extra, this is a great alternative fuel that is CONSISTENT! The VP MR Pro 6 fuel is slightly more expensive compared to the ETS US MX 18 K2 fuel so if you're already purchasing high end fuel, this will not be a big shock to you. You DO NOT need an aftermarket ECU to run this fuel, but you will need to get your stock ECU re-mapped to reap all the benefits of this fuel. The ETS fuel usually makes your machine run a little richer than that of the VP MR Pro 6, so leaning out your bike a little is a good way to go. There are plenty of engine builders who are familiar with mapping ECU’s to this fuel so please feel free to email me and I can gt you some recommendations. If you are looking to get a drum of this fuel ASAP you can reach out to Bill Bovensiep (US Sales Director) at bbovensiep@h-c-s-group.com and he can get you sorted for delivery. You can follow ETS on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter social media channels at ets_racing_fuels

Any questions about this test please feel free to email them to kris@keeferinctesting.com 

AC Performance Systems Product Review

Three years ago the Jim and Dave Castillo, creators of CTI knee braces and Asterisk knee braces, continued their growth of creating innovative motocross products such as the AC System. You know those weird nose magnets we saw on the pro guys in Supercross were paired with a foam piece of material that was locked on to the bridge of MX goggles and when the two magnets connected, the airflow through the nostrils were increased. However through more testing and development with the system, the Castillo’s went to work on a much simpler design that could be used not only in moto, but in other sports as well. The updated/new AC Performance Systems retains the same special nasal stickers that contain a small magnetic piece, but the anchor of the part is the plastic noseband that lays over the bridge of the nose and opens the nostrils. 




Does the AC Performance System really work and are you able to feel a difference on the track? Even though Dave was up my ass about getting him some feedback, I took my time with this and really tested this product in all facets of my life. I used it when I rode, went running, cycling, rowing, skiing, sleeping and even other extra curricular activities that I will spare you the details on. Here are a breakdown of some of my findings: 




 Putting on the AC Performance Systems is simple. In the box you will find alcohol wipes, magnetic applicator, nose strips and the AC band itself. Simply clean off your nose using the alcohol wipes then install one nose strip with the magnetic applicator (on each side of your nose) and fit the AC band up with the magnets and thats it. Once you do this you will feel like your nostrils just got a freshly tuned port job. It’s quite shocking when you first put it on. I was so stoked on how much air I got through my nose I had everyone in my family put one on just so they could see! Riding with the AC Systems takes a couple laps to get used to and almost helps you remember to breathe more through your nose than with your mouth (which is how our body is designed to breathe). This is something I try to do twice a lap when I ride. Find two spots on the track where you're most comfortable and pick those spots to really take deep breaths. The AC System really helped me remember to do that and let me intake deeper, more fulfilling breaths. 




Now since you all know that I am all about “feeling” when it comes to testing, I can say that the feeling that I got (while riding) was that I didn't get as winded as I normally do in a thirty minute moto. I actually called bullshit on myself, so I whipped out the heart rate monitor and over the course of just over a month, averaged out my heart rate without using the AC Systems one moto and with the AC Systems one moto (basically I would do one moto with it on and one moto without it). It comes to find out that when I averaged out the numbers my heart rate was always 5-7 beats per minute lower (per moto) with the AC Systems on. You might say “well shit Keefer, that isn't that much”, but it really is in the world of aerobic performance. Does it help with arm pump? I really can’t tell you that because I usually don't ever get that much arm pump to begin with. However, lowering your heart rate can’t hurt when pushing yourself in a long moto. 


I have grown accustomed to using the AC Systems when I train as well and find my training sessions (mostly running, rowing, cycling) are also 3-5 beats per minute lower than without using the AC Systems. Now that my nose/body is accustomed to wearing it, it is tough when I don’t wear it because I can feel my nostrils blocking my air passageway at times. For basically $35.00 it is an inexpensive way to get more out of your breathing in my opinion. Is it some miracle piece of athletic equipment that you must have? Of course not, but if you’re looking to maybe experiment with getting an edge on someone athletically, it doesn't hurt, I do know that. 


Note: I have a somewhat of a big nose and I wear a size 1. The AC System comes in sizes 0,1,2,3 so unless you're Pinocchio go with a size 1 or 2. My 12 year old son wears a 0 and it fits him great. You can order and check out The AC Performance Systems at acperformancesystems.com. I you have any questions about this review please email me at kris@keeferinctesting.com 



I ride a lot! Sometimes many consecutive days in a row. Now all of you out there going WHAAAAAAAAAAA he has to ride a dirt bike WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA, probably never had to ride more than a few days in a row. Sometimes I have to ride a couple weeks in a row and let me tell you that is hard on my ass!  



 I have been using ChafeZone when I know I have long days on the bike or maybe coming back from not riding in a while. I stumbled on this stuff over a year ago and it has been one of the first things I put in my gear bag when I go to the track. ChafeZone prevents monkey butt, blisters and chafing. How you ask? I don’t know, but MedZone’s ChafeZone is made up of oleic acid, safflower seed oil, linoleum acid, palmitic acid, myristic acid and brag officinalis seed oil.


I first started using ChafeZone on my hands on long durability testing days to prevent from getting gnarly blisters. It worked so good, I then started to put it in other key areas to prevent me from getting monkey butt and rashes on my rear end. I would literally get holes in my butt from aggressive gripper seats (think Husqvarna and KTM 450 Factory Edition seats) and would have to stand up on the pegs by late afternoon on long testing days. Sitting down would just make me cringe! Once I decided to try ChafeZone, I would religiously put it on in the morning before I left for the track and would be good to go for the duration of the day. ChafeZone goes on your body as a solid but quickly turns into a liquid that leaves a slippery feeling. Sliding your gloves on your hands after applying is kind of a foreign feeling, but once out on the track I quickly forgot about it and it didn’t bother me. 

The good news is that once you apply the stick to the areas you want, it will not rub off all day. The bad news is that it is a pain to get off and takes some effort to wash away. A shower once at home will handle the residue, but if you want it off while you’re at the track, it is tough to get off. You must use soap and water and really get aggressive to get the stuff off. But hey the stuff works and its the only product I use to keep me from getting blisters and chafing. A 1.5 ounce stick ($12.99) lasted me about two months (riding four to five times per week). If you’re a die hard rider and want to log the motos or the miles this ChafeZone stuff works very well. It’s easy to stick in your gear bag, just make sure it doesn’t get to hot or it can melt. Getting it off your gear bag is even harder than getting it off your skin. 



You can go to medzonecorp.com to get yours or you can go to Amazon and  order it through there. Thank me later!

Fasst Company Spoke Torque Wrench

As much as I love riding and testing products, working on bikes is not something I really want to do all day. I would say I am a middle of the pack vet intermediate mechanic and I like tools that make my life easier. The Fasst Company spoke torque wrench has made checking my spokes tension much easier and more accurate. The spoke torque wrench kit comes with 12 heads that fit all spoke nipples of all makes and models.



The Fasst wrench comes preset at 48 inch-pounds, but can be adjusted from 10 to 100 inch-pounds. The wrench is easy to use as you simply tighten your spoke until you hear/feel a click. A good rule of thumb is to tighten every third spoke, which will take you three revolutions of the wheel. The guesswork of how much tension you are using on each spoke is gone and I have kept my wheels better trued longer than I have using a traditional spoke wrench. The handle is larger for an easy grip, and each head is wide and will not slip once on the spoke. You can even get custom laser etching on the wrench for an extra $19.99, which of course I did for the cool factor. I mean come on! 



 The Fasst Company torque spoke wrench will cost you a pretty penny at $255.87 (for the wrench and all 12 heads), but it can be used for every bike in your garage. Everyone has that one buddy that needs to borrow a spoke wrench at the track right? Well...Once he uses this sucker he will most likely fall in love with it and will go buy his own. You can thank me through email at kris@keeferinctesting.com later. If you don’t need all 12 heads and you just want the wrench, it is $99.99; and any extra head will cost you $12.99. This is by far my favorite tool in my toolbox. You can go to fasstco.com to get yours.

MindFX Science Performance Pro Supplement 


Before I start speaking about this review, I want to make it clear that I do not believe in witchcraft or voodoo. I was raised that only hard work and dedication were the formulas to success. There were no shortcuts in life, just like there are no shortcuts in getting better on a dirt bike or getting in shape. Sweat, effort, consistency and a lot of riding is how you get faster and more fitness for this dirt bike thing. I was reluctant to try MindFX because I thought this was another snake oil pitch by some guy trying to make a buck. If I wanted to drink something in between motos, I would just drink some good old fashion H2O and maybe a gatorade to get some sugar in me. However, when I tried MindFX Performance Pro for the first time I felt something a little different with my body during a 30 minute moto. Before I get to what I felt like after I used MindFX Performance Pro, let me tell you what it is all about. 



MindFX Science was created by Kevin McCarthy as a healthy alternative to the highly caffeinated energy drinks that some of us grew up on, pre-workouts mixes and even some ADHD drugs. MindFX claims to achieve this result naturally via the use of adaptogenic herbs, strategic use of vitamins, minerals and natural flavoring.

– Rhodiola, our adaptogen, increases vitality and immunity and reduces fatigue and exhaustion in prolonged stressful situations.

– Siberian ginseng, another adaptogen, increases mood and physical performance.

– Organic Beet Powder helps with oxygen uptake due to the high nitrate content.

– Vitamin B12 helps support the body’s ATP production, the energy our cells run on.

– Theobromine used to relax the bronchial muscles in the lungs, which increases oxygen flow to the brain. In addition to its stimulant properties, theobromine

also promotes heart health, good cholesterol levels, and more.

– Caffeine (low 75mg) as a natural stimulant has been associated with positive effects on the brain and an array of health benefits.

– Ginko Biloba acts to enhance oxygen utilization and thus improves memory, concentration, and other mental faculties.

MindFX original formula was developed for competitive athletes and designed to be a blend of all natural neuronutrients that increase focus and concentration.

MindFX Performance Pro was developed with some of the most fittest athletes on the planet that required additional nutrients like Vitamin C and electrolytes to help sustain mental focus and reduce fatigue.

MindFX powdered drink mix uses water as its delivery system ensuring a healthy balance of hydration.


Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 3.00.46 PM.png

So now that you have the gist of what this product is, how did it work on me? I ride, test, type, talk and train all throughout the week. That is my program. I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t party, I am actually quite boring, just ask my wife! I just like to ride! Sometimes I have to do some durability tests that involve a crap ton of motos per day and that sometimes happens three to four times per week! Again, like I said, I ride a lot! So I thought what the hell? Ill try this stuff out. I am the kind of guy who will have 90 calorie Coca-Cola after a long day of riding now and again, but otherwise that is the only super sugary thing I drink within my diet. I used one packet of MindFX Performance Pro and mixed it in a 16 ounce bottle of water and downed it after my first 20 minute moto. On this particular day I had to do five 20 minute sessions and I could feel a little more spunk and focus rolling into the next few motos that I did. Now I thought to myself,  “this must be a placebo effect right”? I tried another packet of MindFX on the very next test day and felt the same thing. It’s not like I gained superhuman strength and it lowered my heart rate, but I did feel like I could focus on my line choices better when I was pushing. The most important thing that MindFX DIDN’T DO was give me a sugar high/caffeine crash. I was waiting for the lull in my performance enhancement after a couple hours, but it never really came. Again, I really want to stress that this isn't a cure all for fatigue, but it does help me get over the hump on long strenuous days of riding. I like my cup of coffee in the morning and that gets me bump started for the day. I look at MindFX as my “coffee” bump when I go ride now. The directions say not to take more than three packets per day and the most I have taken was two packets in one day. One when I was testing and one when I got home, before I headed on my mountain bike ride. 



I am happy to purchase products that work for me and MindFX Performance Pro works for me. A packet of 20 sticks is $29.95 and it comes in two flavors (Mixed Berry and Orange Mango).  My favorite flavor is mixed berry as it doesn't have a harsh taste to it. Orange mango tastes decent, but mixed berry is just a better flavor for me. It is easy to down/digest and not something you will make a bitter beer face, after you taste it. MindFX makes another blend for the non-athlete and it is called “Performance”. You can do your own research and check it out for yourself over at mind-fx.com


If you have any questions about this test please feel free to email me at kris@keeferinctesting.com.