Concept2 SkiErg

Are you looking to get in shape off of the motorcycle? If you’re that blue collar type of worker and are grinding out 9-5’s all week, it’s not like you can get on a bike everyday and ride, so maybe you have to substitute your training a little. If you’re like me you love going to the gym to look at the talent that is there in their yoga pants, but hate going because it’s overpriced, it’s crowded with meatheads or maybe its just plain too far to drive. Is that enough excuses? Trust me as humans we can find excuses right? I am fortunate to have built a home gym over the years and I have incorporated the Concept2 SkiErg to my Loretta Lynn training routine. The SkiErg is a cross-country skiing flywheel resistance machine that works your arms, legs and core (all of the muscles that are vital to us when we ride our dirt bike). The SkiErg is painless to set up anywhere in your home and is fairly mobile to drag around or stash anywhere around the house. The SkiErg comes with a PM5 monitor that records distance, time, power output and you can even compare your time/scores with others when the moto racer comes out in you. With the high impacts that off-road motorcycling gives us, the SkiErg is a great low impact tool that is useful for strengthening what I call my “riding muscles”. You can incorporate your SkiErg workouts sitting or standing and it is not so loud that it will wake up the family on your early,  coffee driven, motivated mornings. I have had the Concept2 SkiErg for over eight months and have yet to have any problems with the monitor, cables or handles. I purchased the SkiErg for $770.00 and floor stand for an extra $180.00, because I do not have tile or hard wood floors in my gym. This lets me have a sturdy surface while standing and ripping 500m splits. The Concept2 unit is not cheap, but if you count up how much you spend on your dues at the gym over the years, it pays for itself very quickly. The only downside I could even come up with about this piece of gym equipment is that you might have to invite “the gym talent” or your wife to your home gym to get the views that you are looking for. If you want to stay in shape for your dirt bike, this is one tool that I recommend that is easy to do and shouldn't take too much motivation to complete. For a great workout try doing 5 X 1000m splits, rest 2 minutes in between. Of course you will have to build up to that, but if you can do that you will be ready for your local 20 minute moto race in no time. You can find the SkiErg at   

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