Scosche PowerUp 700 Portable Jump Starter

I usually stick to dirt bike related things on this site, but since I recently used the Scosche Power 700 Portable Jump Starter on Lil D’s (Donnie Emler Jr.) brand new 2019 Husqvarna FC450, I thought I would give you guys some insight on why this is a great piece to add in the truck, car or van. The 700 Portable Jump Starter is a high-capacity 15,000mAh lithium-ion battery w/700 amp peak that can jump start vehicles up to 10 cylinders, is spark-free, and the 6-point safety protection system prevents any unwanted mishaps. It also has dual 5V (2.1A + 1.1A) USB ports for charging mobile devices, has a safety protection against any short circuits, a reverse connection/Polarity, ultra-bright LED flashlight, 1000+ charge/discharge cycle backwards that is compatible to work with smaller engines and the LED battery power level indicator works just fine on cars, trucks, boats, ATV/UTV’s and of course dirt bikes.


How many times have you messed around with jumper cables, only to have the positive and negative touch? With most other portable jumpers on the market, you can cause a short circuit and permanently damage the unit when those clamps come in contact. Plus sparks can be dangerous to you and the vehicle as well. The Scosche PowerUp was designed with Spark Proof technology, allowing you, your vehicle, and the unit to stay safe should the clamps touch. My wife doesn't like to jump start anything because she is intimidated by big jumper cables, but with this Scosche 700 Jump Starter, she feels safe enough to do it on her own! Boom! Score! 


What about when it’s dark outside and you need some extra light? This unit has you covered, with the built-in ultra-bright LED, you're provided with plenty of light to find your battery terminals, find your phone (in the loads of crap under your seat), in your carry bag or wherever you may need it. The LED also has a strobe and SOS flashing option just in case you’re in distress or want a portable rave unit.


This Scosche 700 also includes many other great features such as the ability to use it as a backup battery for mobile devices. Low on battery life and your kids are hogging the cords? No problem the Scosche 700 provides you with one 2.1A and one 1.1A USB ports so you can charge two devices at once! 

Most importantly it saved my buddy Lil D’s butt as his new Husqvarna FC450 waste charged enough to start. I simply whipped out the Scosche 700 Portable Jump Starter and the white beast fired right up. He let it idle for a few minutes and the battery was ready to rock! It also takes up almost zero room in your cab and I rarely have to charge it.

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