I ride a lot! Sometimes many consecutive days in a row. Now all of you out there going WHAAAAAAAAAAA he has to ride a dirt bike WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA, probably never had to ride more than a few days in a row. Sometimes I have to ride a couple weeks in a row and let me tell you that is hard on my ass!  



 I have been using ChafeZone when I know I have long days on the bike or maybe coming back from not riding in a while. I stumbled on this stuff over a year ago and it has been one of the first things I put in my gear bag when I go to the track. ChafeZone prevents monkey butt, blisters and chafing. How you ask? I don’t know, but MedZone’s ChafeZone is made up of oleic acid, safflower seed oil, linoleum acid, palmitic acid, myristic acid and brag officinalis seed oil.


I first started using ChafeZone on my hands on long durability testing days to prevent from getting gnarly blisters. It worked so good, I then started to put it in other key areas to prevent me from getting monkey butt and rashes on my rear end. I would literally get holes in my butt from aggressive gripper seats (think Husqvarna and KTM 450 Factory Edition seats) and would have to stand up on the pegs by late afternoon on long testing days. Sitting down would just make me cringe! Once I decided to try ChafeZone, I would religiously put it on in the morning before I left for the track and would be good to go for the duration of the day. ChafeZone goes on your body as a solid but quickly turns into a liquid that leaves a slippery feeling. Sliding your gloves on your hands after applying is kind of a foreign feeling, but once out on the track I quickly forgot about it and it didn’t bother me. 

The good news is that once you apply the stick to the areas you want, it will not rub off all day. The bad news is that it is a pain to get off and takes some effort to wash away. A shower once at home will handle the residue, but if you want it off while you’re at the track, it is tough to get off. You must use soap and water and really get aggressive to get the stuff off. But hey the stuff works and its the only product I use to keep me from getting blisters and chafing. A 1.5 ounce stick ($12.99) lasted me about two months (riding four to five times per week). If you’re a die hard rider and want to log the motos or the miles this ChafeZone stuff works very well. It’s easy to stick in your gear bag, just make sure it doesn’t get to hot or it can melt. Getting it off your gear bag is even harder than getting it off your skin. 



You can go to to get yours or you can go to Amazon and  order it through there. Thank me later!