Fasst Company Spoke Torque Wrench

As much as I love riding and testing products, working on bikes is not something I really want to do all day. I would say I am a middle of the pack vet intermediate mechanic and I like tools that make my life easier. The Fasst Company spoke torque wrench has made checking my spokes tension much easier and more accurate. The spoke torque wrench kit comes with 12 heads that fit all spoke nipples of all makes and models.



The Fasst wrench comes preset at 48 inch-pounds, but can be adjusted from 10 to 100 inch-pounds. The wrench is easy to use as you simply tighten your spoke until you hear/feel a click. A good rule of thumb is to tighten every third spoke, which will take you three revolutions of the wheel. The guesswork of how much tension you are using on each spoke is gone and I have kept my wheels better trued longer than I have using a traditional spoke wrench. The handle is larger for an easy grip, and each head is wide and will not slip once on the spoke. You can even get custom laser etching on the wrench for an extra $19.99, which of course I did for the cool factor. I mean come on! 



 The Fasst Company torque spoke wrench will cost you a pretty penny at $255.87 (for the wrench and all 12 heads), but it can be used for every bike in your garage. Everyone has that one buddy that needs to borrow a spoke wrench at the track right? Well...Once he uses this sucker he will most likely fall in love with it and will go buy his own. You can thank me through email at kris@keeferinctesting.com later. If you don’t need all 12 heads and you just want the wrench, it is $99.99; and any extra head will cost you $12.99. This is by far my favorite tool in my toolbox. You can go to fasstco.com to get yours.