Risk Racing ATS Adjustable Magnetic Stand

Matthes walked through my shop the other day and said “Keefer, you need more stands” with a lot of sarcasm in his voice. Yes, I have a lot of stands Steve, but I also have a lot of bikes in the shop as well. The tough part is to get a stand that works for every type of machine I have in the shop. Risk Racing emailed me and wanted to give them my honest opinion on their ATS Magnetic Adjustable Stand so I spent about three months with this sucker to see what its capabilities were. 


The Risk Racing ATS Magnetic Stand features two anodized, CNC, aluminum turnbuckles with locknuts, that allow the user to set the angle of the top of the stand and then lock it in place. This enables the user to match the exact angle of their bike chassis, bringing both tires level into the air. With both tires lifted, simple tasks like cleaning and servicing can be much easier right? 


When I work on my test bikes I often leave loose bolts around then Aden will come outside (into the shop) and kicks them across the shop. To eliminate this frustration, Risk Racing embedded magnets into both side panels of the A.T.S. Stand. Utilizing magnets on both side panels allows bolts from each side of the bike to be kept isolated and on the correct side of the bike.


The adjustable top features a large oil drain hole and an oversized, non-slip rubber pad that is chemical resistant, thick, and hard-wearing. The bolts sit below the rubber top meaning your bike only ever sits on the rubber. The A.T.S Stand chassis is constructed of powder coated steel and built to endure the abusive life that us dirt bikers can dish out to our stands from time to time. 

The turnbuckles are anodized aluminum and equipped with locknuts, so users can lock in their desired angle. The combination is a robust moto stand that can magnetically hold nuts & bolts! The Risk Racing stand isn't the lightest of stands, but that forces me to actually get out of the van and place it on the dirt instead of throwing my stand out into the pits like a lazy person. 

What I like about this Risk Racing ATS Adjustable Stand the most is that I can actually lube my chain on the Honda CRF450R without the rear wheel hitting the dirt. Yes, other stands have rubber blocks that you can put at the top of one end and the bike will balance, but what’s cool is that you can put your kid’s 85 on the Risk Racing stand and you can get the perfect balance (with either machine within seconds). Having the magnetic side panels makes for easier at-the-track part changes/bolt placement. No more looking for that one missing bolt in the dirt. Don’t act like that hasn’t happened to you or your riding buddy. The parts on the stand have been reliable and trying the occasional nose wheelie on the stand hasn’t damaged anything. Yet…


Just like in life, it’s the little things that really make me happy. Risk Racing did a great job of creating a stand that makes my life a little easier in the shop and at the track. The $139.99 price tag is steeper than other stands out on the market, but then again, this stand will accept any type of chassis. I think this stand is bad ass! Check them out at riskracing.com

If you have any questions about this test you can email me at kris@keeferinctesing.com