OGIO Adrenaline VRT Gear Bag

There are a few off the bike pieces that are essential to me and my testing program. One of those things is a gear bag that fits all of my crap and isn't a huge/heavy monstrosity. I have used and gone through just about every gear bag imaginable, but only a couple have really held my excitement for more than a couple trips to the track. You may be thinking it just a freaking gear bag Keefer, but to me it’s something I use almost everyday and am in and out of. 

I have been using OGIO products since I started at Dirt Rider way back in the early 2000’s and absolutely loved the 9900 Rig Gear Bag, but that bag has been discontinued. The 9800 was decent, but I really wanted something more compact/smaller/lighter to travel with and take to the track. Enter the OGIO Adrenaline VRT Gear Bag for all us non lifted bro truck kind of dirt bike riders. AKA gentlemen truck owners. 

The OGIO Adrenaline VRT Gear Bag has a dimension of 30" H x17.5"W x 6.5" D has a EVA molded goggle/personal items pocket, two fabric slip pockets for gloves/tear-offs, a large main volume, two Internal mesh organization pockets, Internal top lid zippered mesh pocket, large wet/dry compartment to separate dirty or clean gear/clothes, a zip away divider allows use of entire volume or wet/dry compartment, an ABS molded tub, a reinforced replaceable wheel set, an easy to clean eco friendly PVC liner, two stage trolley handle helmet divider/changing mat, and a heavy duty 900D fabric with Eco friendly PVC backing.


So the short story to this test is that I have owned this bag over a year and haven't really wanted to try another bag since. I looked at my bag today and thought why haven't I did a review on this sucker yet? Well now here we are! The Adrenaline is small enough to fit in my Ridgeline trunk (no hate comms) yet big enough to hold three sets of gear, knee braces, socks, helmet, several sets of gloves, a pair of boots, several sets of goggles, snacks, tear offs, and still have room for other crap if I need it. Before the Adrenaline bag was introduced I was a 9800/9900 gear bag guy, but it was heavy (at 14.1 pounds) so I would almost always go over the weight limit (at the airport) forcing me to pay an oversized fee. LAME! I hate spending money on stuff that I feel is not warranted and the weight on the 9800 wasn't worth the 30-50 dollar oversize fee. The adrenaline weighs in at 10.2 pounds and allows me to sneak in some extra gear and I am still under the weight limit. SCORE! 


I love that I can separate my stinky gear from my fresh smelling gear with the wet/dry compartment. Mrs. Keefer likes this because she doesn't have to wash two sets of gear when opening/pulling out my dirty gear. The clean gear remains clean and doest have that stank on it! Yes, my wife washes my gear, so don’t be jealous. #HomeLife. Sometimes when gear bags come with side boot compartments it can be a pain in the ass to stick dirty/muddy boots, but with the ABS molded tube at the bottom of the bag, I can simply lay my boots down inside and zip up the bag. Boom! Easy! I also like that I can separate my knee braces from the main compartment as well as keep my goggles inside the EVA molded comportment and they don't get damaged (you Oakley Airbrake guys need this). 

Mrs Keefer’s Thoughts: Look all I know is Kris’s gear stinks up the laundry room up to high heaven and having to reach into that god forsaken bag to get his gear is not fun, but I do it. I like that this bag has the separation compartment because it doesn’t blow out his other clean stuff I put in there for him. I remember another bag he was using last year was horrible because his lazy ass would just throw his used/old gear in with his clean gear and all of it would stink. More work for me right? This OGIO bag makes my life a little easier and his bitching about all of his gear stinking before he even rides, just disappear. If your wife washes your gear, do them a favor and get this bag because it will actually be helping her. Thank you. -Heather Keefer


The OGIO Adrenaline is durable and is over a hundred bucks cheaper (at $219.99) than the 9800. If you’re looking to get a compact, durable, and useful gear bag take a look at the Adrenaline over at the ogiopowersports.com. OGIO has a designated moto site specially for their powersports products.