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Leatt GPX 3.5 Helmet
By: Michael Allen ( Just as neck braces have been a touchy subject for the past ten plus years, lately it seems as though helmets and concussion technology have now become a hot button topic as well. As I’m sure most readers know, a lot of helmet companies have come out with their own type…
Shoei VFX-EVO Product Review
It’s been nine years since Shoei came out with a new/updated off-road helmet! Nine years! Shoei’s new VFX-EVO is their latest DOT and Snell approved off-road helmet that pays tribute to its VFX-W predecessor while updating some styling and incorporating a rotational-impact-protection system that Shoei calls "Motion Energy Distribution System" (M.E.D.S.). Other helmet companies have…
Bell Moto 9 “ET3” Replica
Bell Moto 9 “ET3” Replica Helmet Product Review I get asked a lot about helmets and which one is the best to purchase. I always answer with “that’s a tough question to ask”, because there are so many variables when it comes to finding the correct helmet for you. It’s not always so black and…

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